Monday, 28 March 2016

Club Infektio Celebrates Fifth B-Day!

Club Infektio is hosting a great party on 15th of April to celebrate their fifth birthday. That's an awesome age for a club, well done!

The theme of the event is "Party like it's 2085!" and I know I sure will! I've been an avid cyberpunk fan for ages, it's my one of my favourite roleplaying settings and I've read everything by William Gibson and loved it (well, except for Spook Country which I didn't like, but maybe I'll get into it one day).

So how does a party with Grendel, Synfactory and a house full of cyberpunk goths sound? Good? Here's a look I did to fit the event and then some! (For tickets, visit Infektio's page)

Top - Dane Cyber Clothing (second hand)
Skirt - Artifice Clothing
Boots - Fantasy Shoes (second hand)
Purse - Kreepsville

A fairly simple cyber look, but I absolutely needed to do the purple theme! The corset and boots are matching purple glitter material, and the rest of the items are silver and black. The skull bag is new and I love him! I named him Phteven, because he looks like he can only mumble. That and Morte, best names for bodiless skulls! The Dane corset is so short on the sides that I paired it with an underwear corset that makes sure there's no muffin top effect. The front panel is boned and stays flat, but the sides have just mesh that might have lost some of its strength. 

The make-up: HUGE false lashes (mine are Heiress by Sugarpill), black smoky effect on top with a matte shadow (Sugarpill Bulletproof) but for the lower lid I used a purple that matches the corset and boots. This one is called Flashback, it's from the Urban Decay Spectrum palette. Purple lipstick was naturally in order, so I did my lips with OCC Pagan and Technopagan. I have to say that I wish Technopagan would be a bit more red and less blue, but the metallic effect is so gorgeous that I'll use it anyway!

I did my brows really high for an out-of-this-world look and used ColourPop gel liner to make sure they can last through an evening of sweaty dancing. For the final touch I applied a small black and silver bindi on my forehead.

And once I get going with cyberpunk looks, things will not stop at glitter and PVC! The background picture is from a friend who visited Hong Kong, (thanks Patty! You are the best!) I saw it on Facebook and asked if I could use it for these pictures. The glasses I borrowed from my other half, a pair of Wiley X Saber Advance protective glasses. The air soft gun in the last pic is also his. I happened to have some EL-wire in my stash and thought it would work well in these pictures, but it kinda gets lost in the noise and it doesn't look very bright on the camera. But I'll bet it look awesome at a dark club when I finally take the time to sew it on to something!

Party like it's 2085 in Hong Kong! Background picture by Patty Toledo.

Background picture by Patty Toledo.

Don't worry, it's not a real gun! I utilize my other half's airsoft
gun collection when I have the chance ;P


  1. amazing outfit! love that Dane corset, looks stunning on you!<3

  2. Niiin upeasti sopii tuo tummempi violetin sävy, aiempi kokopinkki oli hieno sekin, mutta mun mielestä kasvoja vasten tämä uusi on erityisen kaunis väri! Olen ihastellut mielessäni jo aiemmin, mutta erityisesti tuo viides kuva toi sen taas mieleen.

    1. Kiitos paljon! Mä olen kyllä tykästynyt tähän ombreen, kun se on niin helppo pitää yllä ja tuo vähän lisää eloa hiusmassaan :)

  3. You look amazing! The lipstick looks UV!

    1. Thank you! It is quite bright, and I'm always surprised to see which parts of me light up when I find myself under a blacklight. Last time it was my hair glowing orange ;D

  4. The dark roots and dark eyes fit you so incredibly well, I like this look the most on you! Even more than the very colourful ones you often do :)


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