Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Former Ikea Bedding - Gown

I bought a set of a duvet cover and a pillow cover from Ikea to try out a pattern for a rococo gown, an open robe d'anglaise. This is the result! I have to say this little bugger is a pain to photograph, but IRL it's quite nice. Here worn with pocket hoops but without a corset, so it's a bit wrinkled, but I was so happy I finally finished the sleeve ruffles that I needed to take some photos!

Detail of the center back, where the skirt part begins. So. Many. Pleats.

The dress still needs a petticoat, I'm just wearing my Commander Shepard leggings with it ;D
Now that I made some changes to the pattern, I can get started on a dark red gothic version of this gown, can't wait!


  1. What a lovely gown! I like the IKEA version but I'm really looking forward to see the dark red one. :)
    Madam Noire

    1. Thank you! I took a detour and decided to make a pink, short version first, for a theme party a few weeks from now. But the dark red one will be the one I'm really looking forward to!

  2. The hair is looking great! Ikea bedding is pretty! It actually looks very suitable for the era!

    1. Thanks! I was quite surprised how period accurate fabrics Ikea offered, they had a few fabrics that had nice, small patterns that would work too. And apparently one set of pillow cover + duvet cover is enough for a robe d'anglaise, which makes the selection much bigger!


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