Monday, 4 July 2016

Outfit of the Day

My other half was so nice he stayed up to get a Black Milk dress for me when the Hot Little Goths collection came out. What could be better than doing a favor for your spouse and playing Stellaris all night long? ;D But this altruism is what made it possible for me to own this lovely piece! The dress is the Ouija Board Black vs. Mermaid Bones inside out dress, worn with Mermaid Bones on the outside. I love the cut of the inside out dresses and the versatility. I travel quite often, so having two dresses in one is great! This is my third inside out dress and I use all of them quite often.

I paired the dress with faux garter pantyhose and pulled my hair back. It ended up being a very hot day, so I could have done without the pantyhose, but it looks very nice with the skirt. The sandals are from last summer, but I only last weekend stretched them out enough to make them comfortable to wear. I waited and waited for them to naturally stretch, but ended up using a hairdryer to heat the leather up to speed up the process. Simple, easy and the results are good!


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