Sunday, 24 July 2016

Pastel Demon Nails

Pastel polka dot nails for the pastel demon! Naturally I needed matching nails for my lavender outfit, so luckily Anniina had just the perfect polishes. I rarely wear light polishes, so I didn't have anything that would match, so this was perfect! There's an opaque lavender base with a shimmery topcoat, and dots in pure white on top. I made the dots differ in size, so I wouldn't have to concentrate on making matching patterns on each nail. Simple but works for this outfit!


  1. So cute! <3
    Hyvä idea tehdä erikokoisia, iskis kauhee neuroosi muuten kyllä koosta ja pallerioiden sijainnista. Ja niin tuo lookki on ihan mahtava! Tykkään hirmuisesti ^_^

    ~ Frillycakes ~

  2. Everything about that outfit is amazing!

  3. Even though it is pastels, it DOES look great!


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