Thursday, 21 July 2016

Petrol and Glitter

For the second day of Lumous, I wore my new latex dress. I had thought of commissioning a new dress, but when Tiina Rikala posted that she was ordering special latex from Yummy Gummy, I knew I wanted some. Galaxy latex, glitter latex, colour change latex... all their products looked wonderful! In the end I settled on a colour changing glitter latex and a hi-lo hem dress pattern.

As always, Tiina did an excellent job! The dress has tiny sleeves, a reinforced waistband for extra slim silhouette, cups and the most wonderful hem ever (which I forgot to take a picture of)

The colour changing glitter latex is simply to die for. In natural, cool light it's more petrol and leans towards purple under more yellow indoor lights. It looks metallic and the glitter shows very well when the dress is polished. Tiina made me a matching hair flower too, which was just what the outfit needed!

And as I'm a sucker for all things petrol, I did my make up with the same shade and even had a matching lipstick ready. The hair is just straightened to keep things nice and simple. I happened to have Jeffrey Campbell sandals with an oil slick finish in my closet, so those were a natural match to this dress.

The dress is quite heavy, but because it's made for me, it fits like a glove and is effortless to wear. I like the feel of latex, and the usual problem of having a wide hem go every which way when it's windy is eliminated as the latex is too heavy to fly in the wind. I'm so happy with this dress!

I've scheduled a photoshoot to get better full body pictures of the dress, but it will take a few weeks until it happens. Meanwhile this is the only full body shot, taken by Tomi Vitikainen Photography at Lumous. Take a look at his other pictures, they capture the atmosphere of the festival.

Photo by Tomi Vitikainen Photography


  1. Such a beautiful piece! And I am in love with the hair flower too! Really well styled, I am looking forward to see more pictures of this dress.

  2. Upea asu! Selailin ensin vain kuvat läpi ennen kuin aloin lukemaan, enkä aluksi meinannut tajuta että tuo matsku tosiaan on lateksia :)

  3. Näin sut lauantaina vain vilaukselta, joten ei tullut Klubilla vielä kehuttua, mutta tuo on kyllä upein mekko ikinä! Mikä väri! Ja todellakin istuu sulle kuin hansikas.

  4. Can't wait to see some pictures under different lighting and see the different colours! Your looks are amazing!

  5. Uuuuu! Lateksia ja glitteriä! Ihan tajuttoman upea ❤
    Mittatilausjutut on aina mahtavia, varmasti tuntuu hyvältä. ^^

    ~ Frillycakes ~


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