Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Kylie Lip Kit in Dolce K Review

My lipstick obsession continues! I love liquid to matte lippies, so I really wanted to try a Kylie Lip Kit. Good mattes are hard to come by, and I think the packaging with black dripping pattern is very attractive. The price point is a bit high for me (with shipping and customs fees, yikes) but I wanted to give them a try anyway. So here's my take on Dolce K.

First of all I'll say that the shade is very difficult to capture with a camera. On my screen it looks too pink and too dark. Just keep this in mind when looking at the pics!

I really like the packaging. The lipstick and matching lip liner come in a sturdy cardboard box that has a high gloss finish and a picture that shows the shade dripping on the lips. The inside of the printed mouth is finished with a silver foil. The product came with a card that has the same image with foil and white lipstick.

The lipstick and lip liner look and feel high end. The lipstick tube is smooth and the cap is shiny and black. The liner is black matte plastic with a glossy cap and an end piece showing the shade of the product. I thought the lipstick felt nice and heavy when held in my hand, sort of being of high quality, but when I compared it with a ColourPop Ultra Matte they actually weigh the same amount and are identical in dimensions. The Kylie lipstick looks nicer to me, but it might be just that it's brand new and glossy black looks more expensive than the foil print and golden caps ColourPop uses. I'm not sure how well the print on the Kylie lipstick lasts, ColourPop's tends to fade easily.

Kylie Lipstick applicator. Nice and precise, nothing special but does its job.
The lipstick goes on easily an is of a very light consistency. It's still opaque in one layer, which is impressive. It has a very candy like smell, but the perfume disappears almost completely once the lipstick dries on your lips. I have many liquid to mattes and the Kylie one isn't very drying, but feels nice on the lips. Compared to traditional wax base lipstick it is drying, but not anywhere near the most drying mattes I own.

Kylie Lip Kit liner. These are not the twist type but you have to sharpen the pencil. 
The pencil is actually super nice! It's very smooth and feels like a silicon primer when you put it on. It can be smudged, but doesn't do so in regular use, so it isn't a problem. The Lip Kit instructions tell you to first fill in your lips with the liner and then apply one coat of the lipstick. I think this silicone-y consistency of the pencil acts as a primer for the lipstick and does a very good job at it. Compared to a MAC liner, the Kylie one is much lighter and less waxy.

Kylie Lip Kit in Dolce K, swatches of liner and lipstick on bare skin.
I left the photo unaltered, as I couldn't get the colours set in a way that would in my mind represent the colour truly. Dolce K is a pinkish mauve or taupe. A very natural shade, and a pretty one, it just somehow clashes with my skin tone. I have pink undertones and Dolce K makes me look a bit reddish, so it might go better with olive undertones. It makes me sad that it doesn't suit me!

All in all I really love the product, but the shade doesn't work on me. The lipstick goes on like a dream, is very light and lasts well. The liner is super smooth, doesn't smudge and acts as a primer. The packaging is pretty and the product both performs well and feels luxurious. After trying this, the price doesn't feel too high. If someone had asked me if using a lip pencil under liquid to matte works, I would have said no, but these consistencies seem to work perfectly together and support one another.  I have to say I'm impressed with the quality, packaging and uniqueness of this product! I was expecting a regular nice liquid to matte lipstick, but this combination of the lippie and the liner work better than many mattes alone.

While the shade isn't for me, I like the product. I'll most likely sell this kit and order another shade that might suit me better. It's a shame that the shipping to Finland takes a few weeks and the customs fees are a bit steep, but I'm willing to try another shade to see if it works as well as this one and suits me, wish me luck!


+ Long lasting
+ Light on the lips
+ Liner acts a primer
+ Packaging is gorgeous, it both looks and feels high end


- High price point
- Long shipping times to Finland
- Hard to find out if a shade works on you before buying the product (yes, I googled, and everyone else seems to look gorgeous in this lipstick ;D)


  1. Tuo näyttää niin myn sävyltä! Harmi ettei sulla toiminut. Mä en ole jaksanut tilata yhtään kitiä vielä.

    1. Vaaleat, beigensukuiset sävyt tuntuu vaikeimmilta tilata! Ne muuttuvat niin paljon ihon sävyn mukaan, mikä yhdellä on täydellinen, saa toisen näyttämään ihan oudolta.

  2. That is SO my shade :) As a matte-addict, it's good to hear about good products.


    1. I hope it looks as good on you as on most of the google result pictures ;D My skin tone just isn't liking this, but the product is otherwise great!

  3. Todella uniikki ja erilainen sävy. Harmi, että väri ei toiminut sulla.

    1. Kiitos! Pistin myyntiin ja tilaan sitten toisen sävyn kun uusi koti löytyy, on hyvä kuitenkin tietää että tuote itse toimii :)

  4. It's a lovely shade, and I actually think it looks good on you! I've been wanting to try the Kylie lip kits for quite a while, but I already have about 30 matte liquid lippies, so I can't justify buying another one ;)

    1. Thanks! Somehow the camera doesn't quite capture how it makes my skin look a bit more yellow than usual. I have yellow undertones but don't feel accentuating them looks flattering. I have a bunch of mattes my self, but I admit I'm a sucker for a good matte and always interested in trying new products!


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