Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Weddings and Plans

I love weddings! But mostly as a guest, planning our wedding is a pain in the ass ;D We have secured food, venue and drinks, so I'm not too worried. Then again my dress is missing straps, my other half's vest is still in the making and I'm not sure where can we get glasses for drinks or will guests be forced to drink Pina Coladas out of plastic cups. Well, they'll have flamingo cocktail sticks to comfort them anyway!

I consider myself to be quite experienced in organizing events, but still there's a surprising amount of things to do. We have two weeks and a couple of days until the wedding. It's a good thing I'm quite resistant when it comes to stress, but still, I want my dress already! Luckily I have three awesome maids of honor who are helping me make the party of a lifetime happen. Naturally my other half and his bestmen are also a big part of all of this!

Bridal jewelry idea meet with Lumissa's Purple Octopus was a candy shop of gorgeous shiny things!

In other news our kitchen is finally done. As if the wedding stress wasn't enough, I had to handle getting the counters switched for new ones, as Ikea had accidentally given us wrong instructions on how to finish the wooden surface.

The lovely dark oak countertops, finally!

I also went to Germany for a business trip and bough the best. Pants. Ever! Sylvanas Windrunner leggings from Blizzard's gear shop, stretchy, soft, gorgeous and fit me like a glove! I used to play World of Warcraft way more than is healthy, and now the new expansion looks very tempting. But after the wedding, otherwise I'll be late for my own party ;D

Behold my not-so-tidy setup at the office! And yes, grandpa slippers. They are warm.

Obligatory cat picture.
Last weekend we went to my old friend's wedding, and it was such a fun event! Old friends, new friends, wedding bingo, sparkling wine, candy buffet... I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

The wedding candy was trying to tell me something, but I'll have none of this nonsense! There's no such thing as too much make-up! Says the lady who owns a couple of hundred eyeshadows...

I don't have a picture of the healed tattoo yet, (it's in the shedding-dry-skin-like-theres-no-tomorrow phase) but I had the top part of my sleeve fixed so it would look nice for the wedding. Now the lace is less dense and the top comes a bit higher. The shape is also different. I'm very happy with the look, Tomppa from Halo Tattoo is a magician when it comes to touching up and covering tattoos!

The summer has been busy, as my other half is still recovering from the broken ankle. I'm finally finding new energy for blogging and am looking forward to taking lots of new nice pictures and telling you of my current favourite cosmetics!


  1. Upea keittiö! En malta odottaa että millaisia noista koruista tulee, niin paljon kaikkea nättiä! :)

    1. Kiitos! Oli ihana jo päästä hiplaamaan kaikkia ihania kristalleja ja helmiä, oon ihan liekeissä!

  2. It's Windrunner ;) But lovely leggings <3! Sylvanas is one of my favourite characters in Warcraft :) Gorgeous crystals in first pic :o *drool*

    1. How embarrassing, what the eff was I thinking when writing that ;D Thanks for the heads up, I'll get it fixed! And yes, the crystals are absolutely fabulous!

  3. Love the Alice in Wonderland tiles!

    1. Thank you! Those are original, we didn't change the floor at all as I love those too :) The same tiles are in the foyer, and when I first came to look at the apartment and saw them when I opened the door, I knew this one was for us :)


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