Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Urban Decay Jawbreaker Lipstick

Some weeks ago Urban Decay released a new line of lipsticks, called Vice Lipsticks. The line has are hundred different shades. A hundred! Along natural shades it had a blue shade and a couple of purples, so this meant I was at the counter the first day the lippies were available in Finland. There are two dark purples, Jawbreaker and Pandemonium, but they are quite similar so after some pondering I bought only one, Jawbreaker.

Lovely packaging!
The lipstick bullet is very pretty, it's metallic with an embossed Urban Decay text and logo. I have to say the usability is not to my liking. You have to grab the tiny golden area at the bottom and all the rest of the tube is the cap. With longer nails I feel like I can't hold the bottom securely. The cap is also quite tight, so I have to use some force. I haven't dropped the lippie yet, but it feels like it could easily slip.

Metallic bullet. Very pretty but a bit impractical.
The line has lipsticks with many different finishes. Jawbreaker is a "mega matte". I didn't compare it to other matte finishes in the line, but to me it looks more like a satin finish than a matte. Then again I usually wear liquid to matte lipsticks, and those are as matte as they come, so I might just have gotten used to different standards for matte-ness ;D

The lipstick itself is a super pretty shade and the golden metallic bullet compliments the purple nicely. The lipstick has a little embossed Urban Decay logo, a very nice looking detail!

You can see some slight "sweating" on the lipstick. This is caused by oils coming to the surface of the product. 
Jawbreaker is very easy to apply and feels nice on my lips. It's not drying, as many mattes are, but also the finish isn't very matte, so you might not go for this one if you are looking for a very matte finish. The shade is gorgeous. It's a very magenta shaded purple, as in leaning towards hot pink more than deep purple.

Jawbreaker swatched on skin.

Jawbreaker on lips, in cool natural light.

Sadly Jawbreaker doesn't last very well on my lips, but needs touching up quite often. The shade is gorgeous, goes on well, applies evenly and feels comfortable, but I'm way too lazy to touch up my lipstick often! If you are looking for a pinkish-purple that's comfy, easy to use but you are up for some touch ups, this could be the lipstick for you. I'm not sold, but I do think I might some day learn to use Jawbreaker.


  1. I love UD (mainly for their amazing eye shadows) and I love the colour of that lippy, but ever since having discovered matte liquid lipsticks, I pretty much wear nothing else. Most of them have serious staying power!

    1. Thanks! I do like mattes too myself, but I've found that adding some wax based lippie in the center of the lips in matching shade when wearing mattes makes them a lot more comfy. After some experimenting I noticed this shade goes perfectly with the purple Sephora lip stain!

  2. the color is beautiful, but I expected it to be darker when applied :O

    1. I agree! It looks dark and pretty in the bullet, but goes on lighter. A darker shade would make me happier.

  3. Nice colour but touch ups are a pain!


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