Friday, 3 February 2017

ColourPop Blues Baby Lipstick Set

Playdate, Mink, Notion and Avenue (Smitten missing from the picture because I'm a silly person and put it in the wrong pile, grr!)
ColouPop's matte liquid lipsticks are one of my absolute favourites. They are very affordable, even with shipping (they occasionally offer free shipping, keep your eyes peeled!) and customs fees. The formula is not consistent, so some shades do perform worse than others, but I'd say 85% of lipsticks I've bought have been excellent. The couple that did not work for me were too thick to my liking.

Playdate, Avenue, Mink, Notion and Smitten
It might be easy to guess that Smitten is my favourite from these shades. They are all wearable on me, although Playdate is quite bright. Nice, easy to wear shades that go with many looks. Buying the set was an impulse, I was getting some eyeshadows and needed something more to qualify for free shipping, but this was an excellent choice. The set lipsticks have different packaging than regular ones. Instead of a clear tube and silver topper they have a frosted tube and a black matte topper. Very elegant, although fingerprints show quite easily on the topper.

Sadly it looks like the set is sold out and these shades are not available as singles at least yet. I hope they would be released as singles, as both Mink and Smitten are absolutely awesome, and the others are not bad either.

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