Friday, 24 February 2017

Corset Photoshoot for Ihmemaassa

Yay, I did a photoshoot finally! It's been some time, I've been so busy with work and social life that I've neglected my dear hobby of getting pretty and being in front of a camera. Luckily Liisa from Ihmemaassa asked if I would be interested in doing a photoshoot in a made-to-measure corset. Yes. please!

She created an awesome underbust piece with lovely pink and grey rococo style pattern and black satin, and a matching skirt to go with it. I bought the fabric so that I could make some accessories with the left overs from the sewing project. I insisted that I want to add some rhinestones to the corset, simply because I like working with the hotfix tool and it gets my mind off everything.

This was quite a long project, as it took me some time to do cute little pasties and a little hat to match. We were in luck when I thought to ask my friend Anniina if she might be interested on doing make-up and hair for the shoot, and she did have the time to participate. I've only been to a couple of shoots where hair and make-up was provided and it feels like a luxury! I was proud to be the canvas to such talented people as Anniina and Liisa <3

So, the pictures! We did some with a basic top on, so they can be used in many places easily, and a couple with just the bejewelled pasties I had made. I bit more revealing, but I think the wonderful shape of the corset needed some base skin to really bring it out.

Model: Me
Corset and skirt: Ihmemaassa
MUA and hair: Anniina_E

Note the floating modesty panel! Those are the best, no more trying to keep a flap straight
while you tighten the corset.


  1. Replies
    1. Niitä oli tosi kiva askarrella, suosittelen tylsien iltojen piristykseksi ;P

  2. Olet kyllä jumalaisen kaunis nainen <3

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I really love the corset, it fits me so well and is amazingly comfortable!

  4. Genius modesty panel! I had to make my boyfriend straighten the modesty panel on my corset today since it was all crooked and wrinkly..

    1. The floating ones are the best! I guess it would not bee to hard to make a panel for an existing corset, just some fabric, couple of bones and eyelets, and then lots of threading the laces again!

  5. Upea asu ja tosi kauniita kuvia :) Nyt mäkin tahdon uuden korsetin!


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