Monday, 20 February 2017

Nyx Lid Lingerie in Night Glow Review

When I came across the Nyx Lid Lingerie at Sokos department store, I immediately wanted to try it out. Usually cream shadows don't work well on my oily lids even with primer, but Lid Lingerie seemed more like a mousse with its very light consistency. Basically it's a mousse eyeshadow in a jar with a wand for application. I don't know how it is supposed to work with just the wand, I dab some shadow on my lid and pat in with my fingers to spread and blend. Night Glow is a metallic taupe, and those usually work on me as light smoky eye shades. I think it might be tricky to blend a couple of these for a look with many shades, but for a smoky look mine seems to work fine.

Nyx Lid Lingerie in Night Glow

Nyx Lid Lingerie in Night Glow
I consider my lids to be quite difficult when it comes to eyeshadow. They are very oily, so proper primer is needed to prevent all of the eyeshadow from ending up as lines in the crease. On its own the Lid Lingerie had no chance (well I had to try anyway!) but with Urban Decay Primer Potion underneath it lasts at least as well as powder shadows do.

Lid Lingerie in Night Glow with out blending on top and patted with fingers below. I really like how metallic the shade is!

The package. The top seems sturdy and I don't see any potential for leaks. As the product is not liquid, but mousse-like, it likes to stay in the tube.

The applicator. It's good for dabbing the product on to the lid, but not for much else.

Full face with Nigh Glow on lids. It's not very dark on me, but a nice light wash
of color.

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  1. Have you tried other shades?
    Do they work best on their own, or can you use them as a base or over another color to give them a certain sheen?
    I'm not too familiar with creamy shadows


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