Saturday, 31 March 2012

Birthday Dinner Look

This it what I wore to a friend's birthday dinner on Tuesday. We were supposed to go and see Iron Sky with a bunch of people, but then some couldn't come and I got tickets for the earlier show and so on. So, we just decided to go to a restaurant together and have a few beers.

My hair had nice curls from being in a bun the last day, so I only backcombed the roots a bit and let if hang loose. The Poison Plum stained my lids and left me looking like I'd cried whole night the next day, but I just put some neutral colour on top. Staying up until three in the morning is not good for having lots of time in the morning to cover staining ;P

I used:
Sugarpill Bulletproof
Sugarpill Poison Plum
Gosh lipstain 003 Berry
Evil Shades China Doll blush

I used Poison Plum to fade out Bulletproof.

I'm bummed all the pictures had my necklace cropped out, it's a skeleton cameo with black glass beads on the chain.


  1. I nominated you in my blog for The dark sunshine award because you have one my favourite blogs! I hope you wanna participate but you dont have to. :)

    1. Thank you, I'll be sure to check out the award!


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