Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Recent Shopping!

Recently I've descented upon the local fleamarkets in search of pretty things. I've been working on putting some nice frames on our hallway wall, to go with new lamps we brought last month. Last weekend I found a frame, a mirror and 50cm clip-on hair extensions (brown, I'll dye them black) that were luckily real hair. The price tag didn't say and I couldn't be certain from the feel, but I took off a single hair and tried how it reacts to fire once I got home, and it didn't melt into a lump of plastic. Yay, extensions for 2,50 euros!

I'm still working on the hair, but here are the mirror and the frame. The mirror cost 22 euros and the frame was 14 euros, if I remember correctly.

The mirror and me.

The frame, look how well it fits with the others! The small oval one is from the Salvation Army fleamarket.
I also got a big mirror a few weeks before from Jysk, you can just see its frame in the picture above. It has a beautiful painted ornate frame in silver. I had some trouble with it, since my mother brought it to me from the store because I don't have a car and the mirror was so big (160x70 cm), but when I took it out of the package at home, one corner was already smashed. I called the store the first thing and they just complained that having a new mirror delivered to my apartment would cost them too much and promised to call me back. When that didn't happen in three days, I sent an email to the customer service, and what do you know, I got a new mirror delivered to my doorstep the next morning ;)

I stopped by Anttila yesterday and they had a sale, most of the picture frames were -70% so I couldn't resist a small one. And when I set eyes on the black framed mirror, I knew it was mine. I did still spend some time contemplating between a black mirror and a purple version. The mirror was 19,90 euros and the small frame a little under four euros.

In the back is my new notice board! It has a kitschy plastic frame, but it's black and shiny and pretty. It's from Tiimari and cost 9,90 euros, although the price tag said 13,90. Well, I don't complain! Now I can get rid of the pile of tiny notes floating around my desk, they can all go on the board. I might add some nice fabric to cover the ugly brown cork, but I'm not sure how to get the frame off. I'll first test if it just gets covered in notes so the brown won't show ;P


I've gotten rid of so much useless stuff that I deserve to have some nice new ones, right? A few weeks back, I carried three huge Ikea bags of stuff to the Salvation Army and I've sold stuff at the fleamarket, too. I'm still missing a carpet for the bedroom, want to upgrade my makeup storage and get frames for one mirror and the poster I bought from the Current 93 concert.

Here's some kitty pictures when we were playing around with the new frame. Don't they look happy? ;P



Nana posing nicely


  1. those kitty pictures are hilarious! They pull the funniest faces! :)

    1. Yes they do! I'm constantly delighted by their expressions, once you get to know a cat, they can show so many different faces! I don't always know what they mean, but mostly they want to be petted, be given food, drink from the tab or to get the chair I'm sitting on ;P

  2. Nana is so hilarious to me.

  3. The cats look super offended! LOL

    1. They were scared of the frame at first and really didn't want to co-operate, but curiosity got the better of them ;)

  4. The cats are sooo cute! :)


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