Thursday, 15 March 2012

Morgana Cryptoria Swatches

Yesterday a long-awaited package arrived, the lipsticks I ordered at the beginning of February. Everything takes so long to reach Finland!

A pretty bag!
Everything was packed neatly and came with a copy of my invoice. When I took the lippies out of the bag, I was a bit worried since one of the slim tubes had a lip balm label and I had ordered two gel lipsticks and three regular lipsticks. Luckily it turned out to be the right product, the label was just wrong.

There were also two different kinds of lipstick tubes, Licorice had a taller, slimmer tube than Iced Latte and Darkwave. All worked fine, although the fatter tubes were a bit easier to open. Today I noticed the cap of Licorice is actually cracked, despite the bubble mailer it came in. I dropped the company an e-mail to see what can be done about it.

Three lipsticks and two gel lipsticks

Darkwave, Iced Latte and Licorice.  Iced Latte looks a lot warmer than in real life.

Athena gel lipstick, Aisling gel lipstick, Darkwave, Iced Latte and Licorice regular lipsticks.

The gel lipsticks seemed to go on very thickly when I swatched them, but the colours were really pretty and deep. The regular lipsticks had a thinner consistency, but were opaque with a few swipes. I'm not sure if Iced Latte looks good on my skin tone, but every colour is very nice and what I expected. Aside from the cracked cap on one of the lippies, everything was excellent.

I'll update the post when I know how the broken cap will be handled!


  1. The gel lipstick colours are gorgeous!

  2. These are great, I think it's so nice to see a brand that produces colours that are a bit different because those are so difficult to come by.


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