Tuesday, 13 March 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

I got an award! It's from both Part of Banshee's Life and Coffin Kitsch. Thank you both so much!

Rules for the award are to tell who you got it from, then tell seven random facts about yourself, and give the award to fifteen blogs.

1. Work in the games industry. I've been doing testing, graphics and design so far, and love to try new things. Right now I'm working as a designer.

2. I play and design tabletop roleplaying games as a hobby. I haven't been very active lately, but I have a game about divided Germany that I've been working on and two published games. D&D is not my thing, I like modern storytelling-oriented games like The Mountain Witch (which happens to be my favourite game).

The cover of Invitation to Love, a roleplaying game by me.

3. I never played with dolls as a child and only had like two Barbies and they were boring, but I've grown to like Obitsu dolls (they are customizable Japanese dolls, barbie-sized), Monster High and ball-jointed dolls. I have three ball-jointed resin dolls (a Resinsoul Mei, a Bobobie Sprite and a Soom Glot, plus an extra Bobobie Charisma head rolling around), somewhere around seven Obitsus and five Monster High dolls (two Frankies, Spectra Wondergeist, Lagoona and a customized Draculaura). I like to customize dolls with paint and hair, but don't have the patience to sew tiny clothes, so I'm always on the lookout for some cool barbie clothes for my Obitsus.

Frankie Stein (Dawn of Dance version), Lagoona Blue and Spectra Wondergeist.

4. I like pets. I currently live with five cats, three leopard geckos, five giant African land snails and a varying amount of guppies. I've also had rats (two old ones who came to live with me for their last months, they were over two years old when they came), mice (even a litter of babies, who grew up to be excellent pets) and a rabbit that was found at our summer cottage. The rabbit had to go to a new home since I moved and didn't have a spare room for him anymore and he really didn't like cages, but aside from that, all my pets have either been with me until they have passed away or are still living with me. I would have wanted to breed cats, but Möttönen did not feel the same way and rather just went to meet males and have wild sex parties, but never got any kittens. The current cat quota is full, but maybe some time in the future I'll have the time and space to breed nice little kitties! In the mean time I'm hoping Santa will bring me a royal python.

This is Andromeda Holocaust. He was supposed to be a she, but decided to grow balls last summer.

5. I DJ and co-organize a goth club. Me and a friend have been hosting Club Underworld here in Tampere for over a year and we've had lots of wonderful bands play and plenty of talented guest DJ's! I got aboard by volunteering to DJ at the first Club Underworld, mainly because the friend who was asked first declined ;P Good thing for me, since I became a co-organizer soon and have been working on the project ever since. I've also played records at a fetish party and a few other local goth clubs. I really love it, since even though I totally suck at singing and can't play any instrument, music is a big part of my life. And when I find something that sounds nice, I like to share :)

Tons of cd's.

6. I like to travel. I've been to Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands, Britain, the States, Cyprus, Germany (Cologne, Berlin and Leipzig), Russia and France (Paris and Brittany) so far. Now the amount of cats and work hinders me, but I'm hoping for a visit to Prague or Amsterdam and me and the other half already have flights and hotel reservations for Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig in May. There's also a visit to St. Petersburg coming up in the summer. I'm not into beach holidays, I like cities. I'm fond of history and like to visit museums, Louvre and the Berlin museum island are paradises!

7. My favourite games include Planescape: Torment, Baldur's Gate 1 & 2, Dragon Age, World of Warcraft, Sims 2, Animal Crossing (for Nintendo DS), Shadow Cities (for iPhone), Hidden Chronicles (on Facebook), Guitar Hero & Rock Band (with alcohol), Settlers of Catan (board game), The Mountain Witch (tabletop roleplaying game), Once Upon a Time (card game), El Grande (board game), A Ticket to Ride (boardgame) and World of Warcraft trading card game (the raids are best, I like co-operation). Sometimes it feels boring to come home from work after dabbling with games the whole day and just play, but many times I enjoy it. I like to try out many different games so I would have a good view of the whole industry, and also to find games I like.

Some games I've played. The Leisure Suit Larry was an excellent find at a local flea market, it even had a barely touched scratch-and-sniff -sheet with it!

Many of the blogs I read already have got the award, but I found a few I'd like to present with it. I feel embarrassed that I could only come up with so few, sorry!


  1. You're making me curious, about the DJ thing, is there a specific music for goth clubs or you just play whatever you enjoy? :o)

    1. I usually play gothic rock, post-punk and neofolk, spiced with some medieval. Luckily the music I like mostly fits the club's line :) At home, I do also listen to 80's hits and some ambient that would not go well in a packed nightclub environment.


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