Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Brine and Fabulous Look

I wanted to use Brine from Detrivore Cosmetics, so I paired it with a lighter version of colour and did a simple look. Today I booked a time for the hairdresser to get my locks in order, haven't had my hair professionally coloured in many, many years. I'm hoping she can do something about the fact that the top layers of my hair fade a lot faster than the bottom ones.

I've been quite busy with everything, studies and work and all, but I hope I'll get back to the once a day update schedule :) I took some outfit pics yesterday, but forgot I tweaked the tripod a bit, resulting in my shoes being cut off in every single pic.

I used:

Detrivore Brine (lid and crease, blended up)
Glamour Doll Eyes Fabulous! (inner part of lid)
Sugarpill Tako (inner corners of eyes and brow bone)
Lumene Sweet Blush
Gosh lipstain 003 Berry
Missha Perfect Cover BB-cream in nro. 13

Sorry for the blurry pic, but you get the idea :)

Got a fancy Hipstamatic effect by taking the pic with curtains closed,
they gave a slight purple sheen to the whole room.


  1. Brine is so pretty. =D Lovely look.

    1. Thanks, I like Brine a lot! It might be my favourite from the Detrivore colours I have now :)

  2. Brine is so pretty with your eyes!

    If you find anything about the hair & top fading, it'll be awesome if you could post it!! *same problem*

    1. Thanks! I'll make a post if I find something out about the fading, I think it's because I used to have bleached hair and there's no colour particles (proteins? I'm no expert) left in the hair to keep the colour. I'm sure the hairdresser can tell me more, she's experienced with unnatural colours and special hair treatments :)


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