Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Vixen Look

Today I wanted a purple smokey eye, so I tried one of the Darling Girl Cosmetics' samples I have. For some weird reason Vixen went on looking really blue, instead of the dark purple it is (see my swatch here), but it's still very pretty. I think it has to do with me doing the swatches in the darkest winter without natural light. I also tried doing the whole eye make-up with only a blending brush and it worked really nice, it was easy to do the smokey effect.

I'm wearing:

Missha Perfect Cover BB-cream in nro. 13
Evil Shades Matte Silk powder
Lumene Sweet Blush
Darling Girl Cosmetics Vixen
Sugarpill Tako
Sugarpill Bulletproof (on the brows)

My hair is a mess but you can see how blue it looks on my skin.


  1. amazing! I can't get over how perfect your skin is!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so happy my skin likes my current washing regime, took me ages to find suitable products but this BB-cream, Black Magic soap and a very light moisturiser seem to do wonders :)

  2. This looks great with your eye colour! I love your earrings as well, they look like glamorous Companion Cubes!

    1. Thank you! I rarely wear blue, I think it takes the colour out of my eyes, but maybe I've been wrong :) The earrings are actually small black glittery hearts with crossbones, I really like them!

  3. I think this looks beautiful on you.


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