Thursday, 19 April 2012

Detrivore Cosmetics Review

I placed and order with Detrivore Cosmetics in February and have been using the colours ever since. I ordered eyeshadow samples, a powder sample and three perfume samples. The order arrived fast and I like the eyeshadow formula very much, it's easy to blend and has staying power (not on it's own, I use Urban Decay Primer Potion).

I ordered 12 eyeshadow samples and a powder sample in baggies.

And put them into pots myself and just took the stickers from the baggies :)

Livor Mortis









Death Valley



Crypt, Vulture, Faithless, Macabre, Dagon and Livor Mortis

Crypt - A black base with green shimmer and gold  glitter . Very complex.
Vulture - Matte mid brown base with multicoloured glitter.
Faithless - Dark pink base with pink glitter.
Macabre - Matte warm pink base with a small amount of multicoloured glitter.
Dagon - A matte pinkish lilac with a hint of pink glitter.
Livor Mortis - A black base with red shimmer and glitter. Much like Crypt, only red.

Sacrilege, Brine, Arachnid, Death Valley, Tarantula and Wraith
Sacrilege - A matte light brown with a hint of glitter.
Brine - A bold teal with some matching glitter.
Arachnid - A light warm pink with champagne glitter.
Death Valley - A bright dark pink, matte with a little amount of glitter.
Tarantula - An orangey brown with golden glitter.
Wraith - A warm dark brown with some golden glitter.

Aren't they cute? Three perfume samples: Kali, The King in Yellow and Ripper
I chose three perfume samples. I was expecting musky, earthy scents based on the names, but all were quite light and flowery. Kali smells mostly of orchid, the King in Yellow has citrus and orange, and Ripper is mostly lily of valley to my nose. Light, floral scents that remind me of soap. Not what I expected and not really my kind of scents, but they are very nice if you are looking for fresh, light, flowery spring-like scents.

I also had a sample of Pallor Mortis powder but I used it up already, so no pictures. It's a transparent loose powder and worked really well on my skin on top of foundation. I'm still staying with my Evil Shades Matte Silk, but Pallor Mortis seemed very similar.

Overall I was very happy with the order. The sample sizes are very generous and the shadow formula is great. The perfumes weren't really for me, but that's why there are samples! Everything was packed well and shipped fast.


  1. Onpas ihania väriä! Kurkkasin sivuja, eikä ollut kyllä hinnalla pilattuja nämä tuotteet, joten vois laittaa vaikka tilausta menemään jossain vaiheessa. :)

    1. Voin suositella! Kaupassa alkoi jopa juuri tänään alennus, -25% kaikesta, se toimii ilman koodia ja summasta vähentyy oikea määrä automaattisesti kun tekee tilauksen. Postarit oli 5 dollaria kun tilasi kymmenen luomiväripurkkia ja puuterin, eli halvempi kuin monesti postimaksut Suomessa ;P

  2. Faithless, Brine and Tarantula are pretty :)

    1. Tarantula goes surprisingly reddish on me, but I do like them all. I think Brine might be my favourite!

  3. Replies
    1. Yes! Detrivore is now being run by Shiro Cosmetics, you can find the products here


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