Thursday, 26 April 2012

I Love my Ikea Frame!

Last time I went to Ikea, I got the Ung Drill picture frame that I had been drooling over for years. I still don't know where to hang it in the apartment, but while figuring it out, I took some pictures with it. I was alone so I used the camera with a remote, and since my hands were busy with the frame, I pressed the remote button with my foot ;P Still, got surprisingly good photos! I'll be working on them later on, so here's one just for a sneak peek. Enjoy, I'm off to have a beer!

I'm wearing
Fyrinnae Book of the Dead
Fyrinnae Damn Paladins
Concrete Minerals Doe-eyed
Sugarpill Taco
Evil Shades Roué lipstick (on top of Gosh lipstain in 003 Berry)
H&M nailpolish in Bella's Choice
A second hand shirt
A second hand belt
Hair band from Glitter
Necklace by me


  1. Love this frame too! Spotted it last time I went and made a mental note to buy it for our student house :) The polish is pretty!

    1. The frame is awesome :) I'm not sure yet what picture I'll put in it, since it's a lot bigger than I expected, but I have a sketch than I'm working on that might go well with it. But even with nothing in it, it's really pretty!

  2. Ahhh I'm jealous! It's a perfect prop for photoshoots.

    I like your nails! :]

    1. Thanks! I might do another shoot with the frame with someone taking the pictures, because it was really hard to know if you are holding it straight or if it's too low or high.

  3. With your foot..:D That frame is amazing! ^^

  4. I have the Ung Drill Picture frame and Ung Drill mirror! They are still in their wrappings ready for when we have finished decorating our living room - I can't wait to hang them!

    I have been thinking about getting a remote for my camera as I hate trying to take a picture with one hand because the Canon 600d is heavy!!!

    Love your makeup and the nail polish is such a gorgeous colour! I'm going to keep an eye out for that shade! x

    1. I can really recommend a remote, I have a Nikon D80 and it's really heavy especially with the external flash I use. I got a cheap tripod and a remote from eBay, I think they cost under 20£ together. Although I do recommend spending a bit more on the tripod, mine has started to become loose and I'm worried it'll just flop and topple over some day so I think I'll have to invest in a studier one.

  5. you are stunning, love that vintage picture frame & your makeup look with the gold and brown is really beautiful too.


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