Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Lolita Look

Yesterday I went picking mushroom and enthused about buying an apartment. I just have to get my other half convinced that painting walls and hanging wallpaper is fun ;) But I already promised him we can get a gas stove that he likes, so maybe we will get a new apartment in the future! I love renovating (or it has been so long since I installed laminate floors that I've forgotten how tiring it is) and really miss my old apartment. It had the prettiest wallpaper ever and a nice dark floor, and the kitchen cabinets were shiny and white. I've been drooling over Ikea kitchens and dreaming of coloured walls. The apartment we live in now is really nice, but we are not allowed to paint the walls and the wallpaper is a horrid yellowed beige thing, and the fridge doesn't have enough shelves and smells funny no matter how many times I wash it.

Anyway, today we went to see one potential apartment, I was in love but he wasn't, so we will keep looking. I had time in the morning to play with makeup, so I did a simple but elegant taupe look.

I used:

Concrete Minerals Lolita
Black mascara
Sugarpill Bulletproof (on brows)


  1. Home hunting is exciting and making the renovations even more so! One thing I disliked about renting is not being able to decorate, so now that we have our own place I can let my imagination run wild! I am looking at wallpaper and paint at the moment as our living room is nearly ready to be decorated! It is so hard to make a decision!!!

  2. You like painting? You should come to my house. I just spent all week painting and I hated it, lol!


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