Sunday, 15 July 2012

A Summer Look

Last week it was super hot, so I pranced around the city looking like this.

Sun glasses - H&M (maybe, they are a few years old)
Lacy coat - Gina Tricot
Top - Gina Tricot
Hotpants - Cubus
Bag - Second hand
Shoes - Spirit Store

Gina Tricot is selling tons of lacy stuff right now, and most of it also comes in black! I've shopped there like crazy ;P I've gotten black lace hotpants, the coat thingie and a dress so far. You can also see my other tattoo in the pic, it was done by my former colleague who was training to become a tattoo artist. I wanted a rose, to represent the beauty in life and how I had finally gotten my own life the way I wanted it to be. The rose is done in purple and pink, with a turquoise background including a small bat, just to show not all roses are red :) The tattoo was done on my birthday in December 2010.


  1. Nice outfit. I have a bag similar to yours but it's too noisy. How about yours? :D

    xx BBella

    1. Thanks! Mine is fine, it does make some noise but I don't really even notice it any more. I guess it's so small it doesn't matter :)

  2. wow I love your lace shawl jacket it looks beautiful on you

    1. Thanks! I really like it, it's a shame the weather has been so cold lately that I haven't been able to wear it.

  3. Super awesome!


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