Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Where I Live

A few people suggested a post about my home when I asked for feedback in the giveaway post. So here it is! Today was such a nice sunny day; perfect for taking a few pictures.

Actually we just visited a bank and are contemplating on buying our own apartment, but we have no hurry to leave this one. It's rented, but really spacious and right in the middle of the city so everything is near.

On to the pictures!

Living room and hallway

First the living room area. It includes the sofa and armchairs, my vanity, an aquarium, and a dining table that we tend to use only for crafts or when friends come over for dinner. The sofa, armchairs and table were bought from an antique shop. They are not that old though, the cushions are made of foam. We also have no less than three bookshelves in the living room and would need one more, because all the books just don't fit on the shelves at the moment! 

The sofa and tons of pillows.

Nana sitting on the aquarium, it's her favourite spot!

A painted plaster angel in an Ikea frame and a small mirror from Tiimari on
top of the dining table.

Mörkö sleeping in an armchair in front of the cd shelves and book shelves.

I'm not good with plants, but a few have bravely survived on the window sill next to the balcony.
We have electric candles for autumn evenings, that way the kitties don't set anything on fire.

Another view of one of the armchairs. A lamb pelt, tons of cds, Wii controllers
and a purple skull sitting on a cool lamp. This kind of sums up the apartment ;P

I had the turquoise pillows in my previous apartment, but luckily they went well
with the red sofa!

My other half's formidable gas mask collection hanging on old bedsprings
on the wall. A real conversation starter ;)

Mörkö enjoying himself on the pelt a little more. He's just too cute!

The hallway leading to the living room. I have collected frames
and mirrors there, since the walls were really plain and boring.
The reindeer antlers are used to hold sunglasses. You can also
see a peek of the dining table, I re-upholstered the chairs when
we moved in a year ago, they used to have fugly beige cushions.

Some of the frames in the hallway. I haven't found nice pictures
in all of them yet, but I'm sure some will come up with time. The
oval frame holds an Amelia Arsenic flyer, the large black one
an old painting by me and the golden one a picture of me I
gave my other half for Christmas. The plastic frames are
from Urban Outfitters.

My vanity is in the living room area also, here's how I store my earrings!


Our balcony gives to the west so it's sunny in the afternoon. Last summer we grew herbs there, but I think the cats ate most of them and I forgot to water the rest ;P This summer we got an electric barbecue we can use on the balcony and the waterpipe is there, so there's still much use.

The balcony was so messy I didn't take more pictures! But here's Nivek on the spare cat tree we put
there so the cats can enjoy the view.


Our bedroom is super hot in the mornings, since the first rays of the sun hit the window. And we were so goth we got black dim-out curtains instead of white ones ;) It's a bit small for us, since there's so little closet space and most of the clothes are on racks that take up some space. Then there's the shoe collection...

Möttönen sitting on the cow hide we use for a carpet. You can see my fancy
pantyhose organizers in the back, I covered old shoe boxes with wallpaper I got
from the flea market.

Tons of black clothes! We have two racks plus two closets.

Shoes. There's a shelf just for boots and a pile of shoe boxes for smaller shoes. Needs dusting!

The bedroom curtains. I pondered over buying these for months, but finally got them and
couldn't be happier. The pattern is called Mandariini and the fabric is from Vallila. I love their
large, ornamental designs!

The bedspread and some pillows.

My hat storage! I'm getting more of the stripey boxes from Ikea,
I was just too sloppy last time there and accidentally picked a
packet of boxes that was damaged, so I have to go and exchange it.

The bedroom setup: wrinkly bedspread, a cat on top, some
laundry in a basket and the cow hide on the floor.

The study is one of my favourite places in the apartment. We wanted a two bedroom apartment so we can have a decent study, since both of us work from home sometimes. It's usually messy, so I didn't take many pictures, but basically it has two shelves for random stuff and about five meters of table. There's room for two computers (three with my other half's work laptop) and I can still find space for my sewing machine when I need it. I do a lot of crafts, so decent workspace is essential!

My tiny plaster angels and the corner of my notice board.


The kitchen is nice, but the cupboards are super ugly and the fridge is really old. There was room for a dining table, but since we never eat at the table anyway, we just put a sofa and a coffee table there. Works fine and it's one of the cat's favourite spots!

I got this from my mom, she had seen the post about the A for Arsenic
necklace and remembered this old print she had. It's really pretty! I might change
the frame, but it's nice as it is, also. It was originally my grandmother's.

The kitchen sofa, coffee table and a cat. There's also part of a pink barbecue (a friend's,
it's just stored here at the moment) and my lovely orchid in the back.

The kitchen is the place where I shove all the kitschy stuff! Here you can see
stone cats my mom bought from New York, the remote for my camera (I take my
outfit photos in the kitchen) and vampire fangs bottle opener from Leipzig.

Dried chili peppers. My other half loves spicy food!

Sugar, cocoa, dried mint leaves and chickpeas.

Pretty golden dishes and a tin can with tea bags in it. You can see my other half
cooking in the reflection ;P

An orchid. I got this from the supermarket, it was the last one left and looked
a bit worse for wear, but it really bloomed when I took it in. Usually I suck with
flowers (just look at the pimpernels in the photo below) but me and the orchid
really hit off! You can see earlier pics here!

Möttönen and Nana looking hungrily at my sorry looking pimpernels on the
kitchen table.
That's all! We are not allowed to paint the walls, so they are white and boring. We installed the laminate floor ourselves to cover the horrible yellowed plastic floor the apartment used to have. I'm dreaming of owning an apartment, so we could paint it just the way we want, since I love decorating and am not afraid to use machinery or do big changes. A brand new kitchen would be awesome, my other half could cook even more delicious meals and we could choose any colour cupboards we like! It's good to have things to dream about, and owning an apartment is not a too hard one to make come true :)


  1. Love all of your pictures and colour schemes! The sofas are amazing.

    1. Thank you! I love purple, dark pink and turquoise, and it really shows ;P

  2. Vau. Ihanan näköinen koti teillä! :) Tuon ekan kuvan sohva on ihan täydellinen, tuollainen on hakusessa ollut jo pidempään, hankala löytää juuri mieleistä. Mutta eiköhän joskus tule moinen vastaan, taikka sitten pitää verhoilla erivärisestä juuri oikean sävyinen punainen.^^

    1. Mä löysin sohvan Huuto.netistä, itseasiassa molemmat sohvat (keittiön ja olohuoneen) ovat sieltä! Usein kauppaan saa neuvoteltua kuljetuksenkin kohtuullisella hinnalla, onnea etsintään!

  3. Simply chic and beautiful! Those kitties are darling! I love Nana's face -- she has a very dignified long nose. :)

  4. I literally drooled all the way through this post! Can you come and sort out my flat please?!

    1. Haha, any day! I love decorating apartments! ;)

  5. Kannatti odottaa koti-postaustasi! Teillä on oikein kaunista, ihania värejä ja täydellisiä huonekaluja :)

    1. Kiitos paljon! Tykkään sisustaa ja olen vähän kerrassaan vaihtanut tavaroita kauniimmiksi, ja oikeastaan kaikki mitä hankin edelliseen asuntooni on vieläkin käytössä! Vaikka pidän Ikeasta, ikeakodit ovat silti liian tylsiä ;P

  6. Wow, your house is amazing! I wish I had my own place :D too bad I'm too young :/ Your place makes me so inspired to redecorate my room! Also, I actually did the white walls; it looks really nice with all the decor! At least they aren't an ugly yellow color!

    1. Thank you! Redecorating is fun, and with small rooms, you can make wonders with just small things like new curtains or some colourful cushions :)

  7. I love your place! I dream of owning a sofa like yours - my other half isn't keen on second-hand furniture so I'd have to really twist his arm to let me have one like that! We're going to be shopping for a new sofa once we have finished decorating the living room!

    I love your hallway with the antlers and frames, I have such an extensive collection saved up for when I can finally do the collage on our living room wall - It will be the focal point of the entire room!

    I've has those Dumpling Dynasty tins on my eBay watch it list for about 8 months now! I've saved them for when we get a new kitchen - it'll be kitsch heaven - I dream of owning a retro fridge!

    Your painted angels are to die for - you should make them to sell - I'd definitely buy 1 or 2.. or 10! xxx

    1. Thanks for the lovely comment! My other half was against the sofa at first, he was under the impression that antique-looking stuff wasn't comfy. Now he has no problems taking naps on the sofa ;P Maybe seeing and feeling sturdy furniture would change your other half's mind too :)

      I can't wait to see pictures of your living room once it's finished! I got the tip for Urban Outfitters from your blog, that's how I came across the colourful plastic frames. The tins are really nice, the closing mechanism seems a bit flimsy, but they are still intact after half a year in use so maybe it just looks weak :)

      I've been looking for plaster moulds so I could just cast my own angels and paint them, but haven't come across any nice ones yet. But once I find a mould, I'll keep you in mind! :)

  8. Very nice flat I have to say! It looks comfy :)

    And those purple boots are BREATHTAKINGLY AMAZING!!! Where did you get them?

    Nice regards from Germany ^v^

    1. Thanks for the comment! The boots are second hand, but I think they are originally from Pennangalan, possibly this model

      They also do red glitter which looks awesome!

  9. So nice to give us a look in your apartment. Your sofas are so beautiful, I have a set like this on my wish list.

    1. Thank you! The sofa and armchair set was a really lucky find. There just happened to be a nice set on sale when my other half gave the get go that I could buy the kind of sofa I liked :)

  10. Nice place, good luck on the apartment hunt. The cats are beautiful.

    1. Thank you! We have already looked at three apartments, but there's no hurry so we can wait for the Right One for us :)

  11. What a lovely place! Turquoise with red is a great color combination.

    1. Thank you! I was a bit unsure of the combination at first, but when I actually tried it out, it worked fine!

  12. Kotinne on todella kaunis :) Ihania pieniä yksityis kohtia ja tuo sohva <3 Voih, tuollaisen itsekkin joskus vielä haluan :)

    1. Kiitos! Sohva on kyllä silmäteräni, se on mahtava löhöämiseen ja näyttää kivalta, eikä vie niin paljoa tilaa kuin massiiviset modernit sohvat, eli voin ehdottomasti suositella!

  13. OMG. I want my future flat to look like this :O For me it's just perfect...

  14. Your apartment is so stylish and suits you, I love it despite the fact that I prefer the more minimal looks, this is gorgeous :)
    the gas mask collection just freaked me out :D

    xx BBella

    1. Thanks so much! In addition to the gas masks we have a few pilot helmets and silly looking padded hats meant for tank crew (if I remember correctly), my other half likes head gear ;P

  15. Teillä on kyllä kivannäköinen koti ja sohvat ovat kerrassaan ihanat! :)

  16. Finally a clever way to store earrings, must fix something like that :D

    1. It's really quite handy! The yarn is an old shoe lace, you can push the earrings through it easily and all types of earrings fit :)

  17. I love your place! Super stylish and original :)

  18. Moi, haittaako jos muutan teille? :D Näyttää kauhean kivalta. :)

    1. Aina nyt nurkkiin yks blogaaja mahtuu ;D Kiitos!

  19. Aivan ihana koti ja ihania yksityiskohtia!
    Itse oon kuolannut myös tuota Vallilan mandariinia, liilana myöskin koska meidän makkari on liilasävyinen :) Verhojen lisäksi matto olisi ihan varteenotettava vaihtoehto.

    Upeita kissoja teillä myös ^^

    T: Uusi lukija

    1. Mandariini on kyllä tosi nätti! Siitä oli kiva vaaleanpunainenkin versio, ja kattelin Anttilassa musta-harmaata. Kiitos kehuista! :)

  20. My favorite thing is the gas mask display! It's so great to see other goth couples decor!

    1. Thank you! Once we find a new apartment, I'll be sure to post tons of pictures of how we renovate it! I just love loud wallpapers and we've already looked at few that we both like that would be perfect for our future living room :)

  21. That sounds exciting! Good luck apt hunting!

    1. Thank you! I'm getting impatient since we are still looking, but we are not really in a hurry. I just want to get picking wall papers and painting already ;P

  22. I love your place! so great!


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