Monday, 9 July 2012

Lumous Saturday and Sunday

On Saturday I stopped by the Dark Market event, where shops and boutiques set up booths to sell their wares. My other half went to a picnic, but I decided to take a nap instead to help with the slight cold I had caught. So I got a pizza to go, ate well, played with the kitties and took a long nap. An excellent way to prepare for a busy evening ;P

What I got from the Dark Market: Pretty appliques from a shop called Susitaika.

Albums by Wreckdance and Loistava Polku, a book with specualtive fiction short stories
and purple fishnet gloves. I also got another book, on black magic, but I read it yesterday
and apparently put it down somewhere I can't find.

The day turned rainy and my other half returned soaking wet, so he skipped the pre-party and we met later at the club. My friend Anniina had promised to do my hair in exchange for me doing her nails earlier (and they turned out just lovely, I'll post pictures later!) so I walked to her place, where there already was some beer and friends, and prepared for the club. She did such a wonderful job on my hair, I was super happy!

I had bought 26 inch clip in extensions from eBay and dyed them with the same purple I use on my hair, so they matched it perfectly. Anniina put the extensions in and helped curl all the hair.

Sari took the pictures, unfortunately it was getting dark already so there wasn't enough light and they came out a bit grainy. I still like them very much!

Tiara - Made by me
Hair extensions - eBay
Necklace - Miss X Aesthetic Laboratories
Top - Lip Service
Corset - Burleska (second hand)

(What I also wore but don't show in the pics)
Black hotpants - Sonia Rykiel for H&M collection (supposed to be panties, but they are made of thick stretchy satin and have a pretty zipper detail in the back)
Purple leopard pantyhose - Super old, maybe Leg Avenue
Black shiny leather boots with buckles - Pennangalan

I had planned to wear a black lace skirt, but since it had been raining, I thought lugging wet hems around wouldn't have been fun and opted for hotpants.

Look at the cool dead flowers Anniina had on her balcony! Looks just like most
of my plants, I definitely don't have a green thumb ;)

I was really happy with the length of the extensions and how well they
blended in with my real hair. My hair is quite thick, so I got two sets of
extensions and just sewed them together on one set of clips.

I saw pics of pretty nail polish jewelry on Facebook in the morning, and happened
to have all the needed supplies at hand, so I made a ring. Came out really nice,
the picture doesn't do it justice!

I stopped to have a beer with another friend before going to the club and only saw the last band of the evening, Extinction Front. It wasn't really my type of music, but most of the audience seemed to like it. I chilled out on the terrace and enjoyed some dry cider. We also had a small afterparty, a few good friends and some excellent music, absinthe and beer. I got to bed at half past six in the morning, but it was worth it!

Random pic of my other halfs undercut. 

He's wearing Sugarpill Love+ ;)

On Sunday we skipped the goth picnic because it was a bit rainy and I wanted to sleep in. Sunday's party, called The End, is always the best one in the whole festival! The band that played before The End, WHRMCHT, was okay but not for me. But the party was just awesome, plenty of drinks, dancing your ass off shirtless and singing until your voice is gone. An excellent end to an excellent Lumous!

The End outfit, chosen mostly for comfort!
Earrings - Made by me
Top - Lip Service
Hotpants - Second hand
Shoes - New Rock (second hand)

Now I'm off to clean the apartment and give my feet some TLC after four days in high heels!


  1. Ah, tuo kellotiara on vaan niiin upea! Kruunaa sun muun asun täydellisesti :)

  2. wow your hair looks so lovely all long and full of curls! Also love your last outfit

    1. Thank you so much! I have a thing for looong hair, I'm so very happy with the extensions!

  3. both of you have the BEST hair EVER. im jealous of your figure!

    1. Yes, I was stuck looking at his hair cut too; it's really nice.

  4. The appliques are gorgeous! I hope you will find a nice project for them and show them later on the blog :). The extensions are so beautiful. I'm so inspired by your hair and considering buying some extensions myself.

    1. My holiday is starting soon, so I've been hoarding craft supplies like crazy! I'm sure I'll come up with something for the appliques :) I can recommend the clip in extensions, they are so easy to use and don't have the same growing out and tangling problems as permanent extensions.

  5. Love these appliques and ur outfit,wonderful top *___*

  6. you look lovely with your weave. A"Goth picnic" sound like a trip.

  7. Great outfits! Your husband's hair looks really neat!


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