Sunday, 13 October 2013

Outfit of the Day

I wore this outfit to a local games company's ten year anniversary. I didn't put on anything fancy or lots of make-up, since the event featured not one but two different saunas which I was very eager to try out! Both were fantastic, I hadn't been able to bathe in a sauna all summer (I'm supposedly too busy to visit the summer cottage, or just too lazy!) and really needed it.

Jacket - Juunappa
Cardigan - Nanso
Tunic - Lip Service
Leggings - Seppälä
Boots - Spirit Store


  1. Great outfit! Finland is so cool! A work party with saunas!

    1. Thanks! I'm already missing the saunas, since it was freezing this morning!

  2. Love all the layers of the outfit!

    1. Thank you! I like layers, I get hot easily so I need something that I can take off then instead of becoming icky and sweaty ;P


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