Thursday, 28 November 2013

Sugarpill Sale and Other Black Friday Sales!

Heads up! Sugarpill is having a Black Friday sale from 28.11. to 2.12. All items in stock are -20% to -50%, there's no word yet which discount will apply to which items.

I'm really a big fan of Sugarpill, I like their pressed shadows and loose ones too :) I haven't tried their new neon shadows, but other than that, I've tried and been happy with everything else. My orders have always shipped and arrived fast.

For other Black Friday shopping, have look at Luna's post at Toxid-Lotus for a good list of most indie sales. I'm keeping an eye on Darling Girl and made a small order to Coastal Scents (they have everything on -50% sale, what a deal!).

Note to Finnish people! The postal services are on a strike so it affects all deliveries, so keep that in mind when ordering! More info can be found here: Tilannetiedote - Itella.


  1. Tiedätkö paljonko pytinki ottaa suomeen postittamisesta? :)

    1. 8-14 dollaria näkyis olevan mun kolmen viimeisimmän tilaukseni postarit, riippuen siitä mitä tilaa ja kuinka paljon. Veikkaisin että kahdeksalla ei enää saa, kun jenkkien postimaksut ovat nousseet, mutta 10-14 dollaria on ihan realistinen arvio :)

  2. Heavy Red is also having a huge sale. I love their stuff ^_^

  3. Ugh, I have been back and forth on the site and added items to my cart but the page won't ever finish loading. I think the site is so busy I won't even be able to check out and pay. I'm afraid by the time it's working again the items I want will be out of stock. We shall see!


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