Saturday, 8 February 2014

Iron Fist Skirt

I went a bit crazy a few weeks ago and ordered no less than three Iron Fist skirts! Not to mention the one I bought off a Facebook flea market that ended up being a tiny bit too big, so I ordered it in a smaller size ;P But a package with two skirts arrived on Friday and I wanted to wear one of them right away. I don't usually wear pink, but this one was just too cute and scary to pass!

It's Grave dancer mini skirt, it has a tooth pattern on the front and a slice of brains in the back ;P I like high-waisted skirts so this cut was much to my liking. My other half and I went out to have a few glasses of wine at a friend's DJ event, it was a great night. Today I'm doing crafts and going to have dinner at the Indian restaurant later.


  1. Ihanan creepy hame, eikä näytä yhtään hempeältä vaikka vaaleanpunainen onkin! :D

    1. Kiitos! Just kyllä mun makuun sopiva vaaleanpunainen!

  2. Very awesome skirt!

    x Dawn

  3. Ooooh, you probably bought the one I'm in love with! The white completely tooth pattern. I was just worried about the materiel being too 'body-con', like jersey fabric or something rather than something thicker.


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