Friday, 21 February 2014

Spring is Coming!

It's abnormally warm for this time of year and the snow is almost gone. I'm feeling very energetic, even with my busy schedule I've managed to get some extra tasks done. I want to focus better, so I'm selling off things related to hobbies I'm not so fond of any more. The aquarium is already empty (all the little fishies and plants found new homes) and I only have one gecko left. I also sold a pile of dolls and even went through all my eyeshadows to let go of a few that I very rarely use.

As for the new things, I booked an appointment to add to my half-sleeve tattoo. I'm so excited, the artist was very inspired and full of ideas and I felt that he really listened to me and was interested in the project. He's going to send me a sketch in a few weeks and I also asked him to see if some lace pattern could be added to the edges of the current tattoo. Can't wait!

Last weekend I went to swap clothing with fellow goths, it was such a nice event! I have a huge pile of things to sell or donate, thanks to the early spring and the energy it gives me. I got rid of many things and brought in a few new ones that I hope will see more use than the old ones. I was really frugal up until I found a gorgeous pair of New Rock boots in my size and just had to get them ;P But I sold/swapped a dress, two tops, a few eyeshadows, two pairs of pants and a pair of boots, and got/bought two belts, an Aromaleigh eyeshadow, a long purple dress, a black high waisted skirt and then the lovely New Rocks. I hope I will have the time to take pics of the boots in the weekend, they are so cool with patent leather and a detailed metal heel!

Next week I'll do some dancing again (finally!) and hope I won't strain my arm again any time soon ;D And I just found a new and better subject for my thesis, so I'm not about to run out of things to do any time soon...


  1. Love that jacket! It really compliments your hair. :) I wish there were more people around here to swap clothes with, my city isn't very goth-friendly.

  2. I love that jacket, I have been wanting one like that!

    I can't wait to see what gets added to the tattoo!

    I had great luck finding things at a recent clothes swap too! I find ones with other friends seem to be better than the big organised ones.


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