Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Sugarpill Smitten

Smitten loose eyeshadow is a limited edition item by Sugarpill. I ordered it as a part of their Valentine's bundle, which included a set of brushes along with the jar of eyeshadow. Smitten is a gorgeous, deep, vibrant hot pink with lots sparkle.

A smoky look with Smitten. Only other products used were primer (Pixie Epoxy by Fyrinnae) black gel liner and mascara.

This one is to show the sparkle better.

I wore Smitten with a matching lip product, it's Maybelline Super Stay 10H Tint Gloss in Forever Fuchsia.

Unlike most Sugarpill loose shadows, Smitten comes in a jar with a white lid.

Smitten in the jar.

I'm really fond of this shadow! Some bright pinks don't work well on my skintone, they make me look like I cried my eyes out the previous night, but Smitten is just the right shade to look stunning with no eyes-red-from-crying -effect. It's a cool toned pink, which might be the trick. The shimmer does not show well over a non-sticky primer, especially if you blend the shadow the sparkle disappears. This way it can be used as a less shimmery pink too. On top of a sticky primer the shimmer and sparkle really comes out!


  1. Oh it's so pink 0.o but I kinda like it!
    The only pink I wear is usually more pastel but I might give this a try one day.

  2. Smitten on UPEA! Mun oma tuli tänään, suurkiitos vielä! ^^ <3

  3. That is crazy pigmented! It's so beautiful on you.

  4. ihan tosi-tosi samannäköinen irtoluomiväri kuin stargazerin yksi - emminä muista sitä sävynumeroa, mutta juurikin tuollainen neonpinkki hopeisella glitterillä. ihan vaan vinkiksi, jos haluaa tätä lisää ;)


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