Sunday, 3 August 2014

Kitty Cats!

I bought a new lens for my camera on discount, and turns out it's the best kind of lens: the type that's perfect for taking photos of cats ;D I thought I took pics of all the kitties, but apparently Magnus is just so photogenic that most of his pictures came out great.

Magnus is a big boy now. He's soon a year old. That's Mör all foggy in the front!

Magnus in the sun. He has this exquisite shimmer in his coat that comes out in sunlight, it's impossible to capture but apparently should proves that he's a purebred bengal cat. It really doesn't matter, he can't go to cat shows anyway and he's a dear no matter what his genes are, but the glitter sure is pretty!

Nana looking grumpy as usual. She's turning ten soon and loves to just lounge on anything soft and warm. Humans qualify ;P
Nana with her awesome tusk!

Guess what this is?

Magnus loves my chiffon dress, so he pulled it on the floor from the laundry rack it was drying on and dove right in.

Then he took a thinking break pondering how to get out of the dress ;D

Finally! Freedom!
This is how he likes to sleep. With feet going every which way.


  1. Ihana Magnus ♥ Auringonvalossa kimmeltävä kissa kuulostaa hauskalta, liekö jotain sukua Twilight-tyyppisille vampyyreille..? :D

  2. Cat lens! Yay! I love that you have a glittery cat and a cat that loves dressing up in chiffon!

  3. your cats are so gorgeous :)

  4. Awww! So cute!

    x Dawn //

  5. Aw, Magnus looks so cute. And Nana looks like a small Puma!


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