Saturday, 9 August 2014

Outfit of the Day

A busy Saturday! I did all the work that had piled up during the week and then headed out to my parents' summer cottage to pick some berries and mushrooms. Got a ride back in my dad's covertible, which was awesome!

Shirt - Second hand
Jeans - Bik Bok
Shoes - Lidl

The first make-up I wore aften the lasik surgery, yay for seeing things without glasses and wearing mascara!


  1. Looking good! I adore that blouse!!

  2. You always look wonderful. Congrats on the lasik!

  3. You got lasik?! I've always wondered how that is-- so... how was it? lol

    1. I did! It wasn't a comfortable procedure, but it was so fast (under 10 minutes per eye) that it went easy. I'd rate it much less uncumfortable than getting the inner upper arm tattooed ;P

  4. I really like that shirt! I need a shirt like that!


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