Friday, 29 August 2014

Outfit of the Day

This is me dressed as a black blob with cat hair sprinkled on top ;D I was in a hurry in the morning so I grabbed a few things from my clothes-that-have-been-worn-a-few-times-but-are-not-yet-dirty-enough-to-be-laundry pile. The dress I wore recently with a belt and the top was part of an outfit with a high-waisted skirt.

Poor little Magnus had to be taken to the vet, he's got an ear infection that was so bad it made him walk wobbly. But now he's been on antibiotics since the morning and is already doing better. I'm so proud of how well he behaved at the vet's, it was the first time we have taken him to be examined (he was neutered and vaccinated by the rescue organization we got him from) so you never know what to expect.

Dress - H&M
Top - H&M

This one is trying to show off the back of the dress but the pose is all wrong. The top has a scoop neckline and the dress is a very loose racer back. letting the top's pattern show nicely. While I did look like the Groke from the Moomin stories, it's a very comfy and easy outfit :)


  1. I love this kind style! somehow I love dressing like this in winter so you can layer tons of clothes over. I am also saving those kind of outfits for the days in the far far future when I´ll be pregnant, because big dressed always look better than jeans with an elastic band XD

    1. oh, and I forgot to mention- the setting in your house compliments in my personal opinion your outfits shots better. I like it personally more than the brown fence you always stand in front of :P it´s the charm of the books I guess, you look like a queen next to that beautiful wall pattern!

    2. Big dresses always look good, true! I like layering, it feels so comfortable to huddle inside tons of clothing ;D Thank you on the feedback about the background, I think I'm stuck on the grey fence because it's such an easy spot. It's becoming colder so an inside location would be good, I'll make sure to try this spot in front of the bookcase again! My only problem is that the wallpaper is black and my clothes get lost in it, but if I made a little more room in front of the bookshelf I could perhaps take pictures there. So good to know that the fence was too boring!

  2. Dress looks so comfy!! Glad Magnus is feeling better. Cat ear infections are no fun for anyone :(

  3. I love the dress! I like flowy garments, and the pointed ends are cool! It must be very long though so I probably couldn't wear it, I am so short!

    I don't think you look like Groke! So much cuter!

  4. Onpa muuten hieno helma tuossa mekossa! :) Hyvältä näyttää. ^^


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