Friday, 1 August 2014

Outfit of the Day

My outfit from last week! I got lasik surgery for my eyes today so I'm hanging out at home with no make-up on. I did take lots of cat pictures, so maybe I'll show those tomorrow ;P I wore this outfit for an outing with friends. The shoes are new, they are from Lidl and were on discount (only six euros!), and I needed black, easy to wear flats. I just felt like I had shrunk, because I usually always wear heels ;D

Dress - Iron Fist Lamby Pleated Dress
Shoes - Lidl

My other half is getting ready to leave for a Hocico performance, I'm so envious! But my eyes are recovering surprisingly well, they are not bloodshot or anything, just dry. So here's to hoping I might be able to go out and do stuff already tomorrow :)


  1. Your tattoos are amazing. Outfit looks lovely!


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