Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Headdress for the Demoness

I showed you my Red Demoness character some time ago, and despite being ill, I've been working on giving her something to wear on her head to complete the look. You wrote such wonderful comments and there were many excellent ideas, so here's what I did based on them.

First there's the tiara. It started out as a discount necklace from Glitter, but I attached it on a metal headband with some wire. (Guess who forgot to wear the horns for this look ;D)

I forgot the horns but I'd like them to be included in the final look.

Another head thingie I made is this flower headdress with horns attached. I went to Ikea for the flowers, they have a quite nice selection of red flowers, even though I would have loved to get more roses in different sizes. The base is made of Worbla and foam, it's nice and rigid and I could fit lots of flowers on it. The headdress is secured with a string that ties around my head. Not the best solution, but it stays on. It's quite light and easy to wear.

I like both of the headpieces, but I guess I could do a shoot with both! I'm not wearing the contacts in these pics, but I think they work well with the dress, wig and both headpieces. I also got discounted earrings with red stones to match the necklace, but they don't show much under all the hair!


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