Sunday, 1 February 2015

White Dots Look

I was supposed to just whip up something fast to take pictures with my new bustle, but I got carried away and scribbled this look ;P It's a smoky eye with metallic brown and a matte plum purple, with a touch of a champagne shimmery shade at the inner corners.

The black used for the pattern is a gel eyeliner by MAC, applied with a thin eyeliner brush. For the dots I dipped the end of the brush in the gel, pressed it to my skin and twisted the brush to make sure my dots were as close to circles as possible. The white dots were done with Stargazer liquid eyeliner in white. I put some eyeliner on a plastic tray and chose a comb that had a long handle. The end of the handle was smaller than the black circles, so I dipped it in the eyeliner on a tray and pressed on my face to get regular, small dots. The false lashes balance out the look nicely.


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