Saturday, 21 February 2015


I had been pondering for a while on what sort of shoes would work well with my snow queen outfit when Leena of Luurankoja Kaapissa shared these beautiful photos of herself in full white, taken by Markus Lehto. The boots are gorgeous and white and shiny, perfect for a snow queen! I went and ordered a pair.

A while later I was at a flea market and came across a white faux fur jacket. I remembered Leena's lovely white outfit and decided to replicate it, so a pair on second hand jeans and a white top later I gave it a go! Thank you so much Leena for putting together such an inspiring outfit, and helping my snow queen find footwear :)

I think Leena's jacket is prettier because it's shorter! I might need to customize mine. I've been recently adding coloured items to my wardrobe, because black is quite tricky in photos. Lots of light is needed to keep a loose, fully black outfit from becoming a black blob on camera ;D Other shades are way easier to work with.

This one is with a different tone, I think it's quite nice!

Jacket - Second hand, Seppälä
Top - Second hand, Jeane Blush
Jeans - Second hand, H&M
Boots - Pleaser Delight in white

All photos by Arttu R.
Styling, make-up and hair by me


  1. Aww I am blushing, so amazing! You look great in this look too <3 White is the new black, as I say these days xD

  2. Great outfit! You always nail it!

  3. I like your jacket the way it is, the slight oversized look goes well with the tight top and boots!

    1. Thank you, I might have to reconsider cutting it shorter, thanks for the feedback!

  4. Wow, so fab!!


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