Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Dragon Lady Look

Here's what I did for the shoot with Sanni Saarenmaa. She suggested a red theme and some scales, so red scales it was! The black wig works very well with reds and my flowered horn headdress happened to be red also, so it was a perfect match.

My camera battery was running out and I was in a hurry to catch a bus, so there's only a few snaps. The eyes actually have both Asylum by Sugarpill and Candy Coated by Fyrinnae, and a touch of matte black to darken the crease. The scales are done with Candy Coated (and by pulling a fish net stocking over my head, then patting shadow on). The lips are a combination of a bright red lipstain, which was too bright for my taste, and Sephora metallic brown-red lipstain on top to mute the bright shade.

I applied black contact lenses later to complete the look, and during the photoshoot we added more scales to get them show better. You can see the first finished picture here.


  1. Beautiful dragon lady! Will you come breathe fire at my enemies?

    1. Haha, sure I will, lets set up a date! ;D

  2. The last picture that shows all the detail of the makeup is simply amazing. Great work!

  3. wow I love the hot warm colours, Beautiful!
    Amy x


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