Monday, 2 March 2015

More Snaps of the Schatten Outfit

I've been busy! Yesterday I did a super quick visit to Helsinki to meet family and participate in a group photoshoot with a bunch of gorgeous ladies. I'm hoping the pictures will turn out nice, I sure had a lot of fun anyway! I had also been thinking of the Demon Hunter armor, and successfully applied to the cosplay competition in Tampere Kuplii convention. It's at the end of the month, but luckily I've already drawn patterns for all armor pieces except the breast plate and have all the material for the armor. Getting fabric for the hood and cloak will be the easiest part.

I'll try to take some pictures along the way so I can show how the armor is coming together, it will be interesting and challenging, but hopefully fun!

Here's few more pictures of the outfit I wore to club Schatten. It was a great night, great music, good friends and some delicious red wine!

I had planned to wear the scale mail necklace I made, but when I tried it on with the corset, it seemed to be a little too much. So I got the chance to wear the prototype necklace of the design I did for Rogue! I love it to bits, it work super well with low cut tops. If all goes well, the finished pieces should arrive this week, so these babies will soon be available to buy :)

Bolero - Artifice Clothing
Necklace - Bones & Lilies x Rogue
Corset - Customized by me
Skirt - Artifice Clothing
Boots - Fantasy Shoes

To compliment the corset, I wore my PVC plate boots I recently found second hand. My feet were hurting at the end of the night, but they looked so nice that I just had to endure ;D The hair is done with lots of teasing and a teased ball of fake hair hidden in the middle of it all. A great way to easily get some extra volume!

 I'm off to work on the Demon Hunter's bracers a bit before going to bed!


  1. Can you tell me how you secured the "ball of teased hair" on your head? I'm loving the volume you created!

    1. Thanks! I used bobby pins and a few tiny alligator clips. When your own hair is teased the pins get a really good grip and the "hairball" is very light :)

  2. love the outfit, and the hair!


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