Sunday, 6 September 2015

A Traveller in Time

Greetings from Tracon X, the anime and roleplaying convention held at Tampere for the tenth time! I've been working there with roleplaying games occasionally, game mastering or doing presentations. This year I talked about how roleplaying games, cosplay and video games as hobbies tie in together and what skills can be used in each and did a panel discussion on uplifting cultures in roleplaying games and fiction. Tomorrow I'll be talking about Cities: Skylines, I think this will be the first presentation about the game in Finnish that I've done!

Originally I had not planned to dress up, but I saw so many great costumes at Pax that I got inspired! The theme for Tracon this year was time travel, so I put together a costume from steampunk and Victorian things I had in my closet.

The main thing is the bustle skirt and the matching hat. I paired them with a dress I bought from the flea market some time ago that is the perfect cream colour that works well with the copper orange taffeta of the skirt. On top of the dress I put a steampunk themed harness, strapped some vintage leather pouches on the waist and put a pair of goggles to hang on my neck. The curly red wig seemed like too much of the same shade with the copper orange top I made to match the skirt, but with the cream top part it went really nicely!

My other half dressed up too to be my time-traveling companion!


Come and say hi if you see me tomorrow! I'll put together a different costume, so don't look for a huge orange skirt :) One day of dragging wet hems around is definitely enough ;D


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