Saturday, 19 September 2015

Notoriusly Morbid Mystic Matte Lipstick in Arcane

I had no tried Notoriously Morbid cosmetics before, but I saw their matte lipsticks in many pictures on Facebook's makeup groups. I'm a huge lover of liquid to matte lipsticks and always on the lookout for cool new shades, so I ordered a few. So far I'm very impressed with the quality and the shades are just gorgeous! Here's Arcane, a dark purple.

Mystic Matte Lipsticks are liquid-to-matte products and come in tubes with generous amount of product. They are applied with a doe-foot applicator and dry to a matte consistency. The formula is very light on the lips but opaque with just one layers, which is excellent! Arcane is just my type of shade, dark and purple. After 4-ish hours the lipstick tends to feather a tiny bit on the center of the Cupid's bow (center upper lip basically) but it's barely noticeable and the little feathering can be wiped off with tissue paper easily. The lipstick leaves very light marks on glasses, but nothing like regular lipstick. Re-applying is not a problem, this formula does not crumble like many others. I really like how light it is on the lips, barely noticeable, and still gives great coverage and is easy to touch up. A great product and it costs only 9 dollars, well worth it!

Arcane in the tube.

Doe-foot applicator.

Notoriously Morbid Mystic Matte Lipstick in Arcane


  1. I never heard of that brand before but you got me curious! I'm currently on their website... ;)

  2. Great price! Will have to see if we have it here!

  3. Kiva kuulla kokemuksia. :) Katselin kyseisen firman sivua pari viikkoa sitten ja mietin tilaamista. Saatan ehkä sortua, koska tuolla on vähän erilaisempia sävyjä.


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