Tuesday, 15 September 2015


I haven't shown you my ColourPop goodies! I did an order with a friend using Shipito shipping service to get these babies. I had trouble choosing just a few, as ColourPop has an excellent selection and everything looked so pretty!

In the end I settled on trying out many types of products. I got two eyeshadows (Fairfax and Girl Crush), two highlighters (Lunch Money and Monster), two lippie stix (Leather and Feminist), one lip pencil (Feminist) and three ultra matte lipsticks (Trap, Lax and Zipper).

The whole bunch!
First of all I have to say that the quality differs between shades. The pressed products are very interesting, they have a sponge-y texture which minizes fall off when applying, but also makes the product harder to pick up from the pan. The pressed products are designed to be applied with your fingers. It is an interesting take, but especially for the dark shades on light skin, applying with fingers can be tricky. None of my favourite brushes work, so forget fluffy, soft brushed right away! You need a stiff, flat brush to apply these products.

On my skin it takes a few layers for the eyeshadows to build up. The shades are lovely, Fairfax is an intensive, red based brown and Girl Crush the perfect greyish taupe. Both are matte shades, but mattes are usually the hardest ones to get right, so I'm impressed!

Fairfax. The shadow is a bit darker IRL.

Girl Crush. As this is a light shade and needs a few layers, you can see that it looks more used than Fairfax. The nice pattern on the surface rubs off fast but it just makes the product easier to use, as you now have a large, smooth surface to swirl your brush or finger on.

The super shock cheek highlighters are new products for me. When I need to look my best, I usually do light contouring with a very light concealer and a matte taupe eyeshadow. The Colourpop highlighters are shimmery and quite sheer, very different from the liquid concealer I'm used to. I did some research when picking the shades and ended up buying a warm and a cool tone to make sure that one of them at least would work on my skin.

Lunch Money is a pale golden beige with golden shimmer. It's very sheer and mostly shows as a golden shimmer on your cheek bones. Monster is tricky to photograph, but it's a very light beige, almost white, with a pink/red sheen. I'm still trying these out and finding new ways to use them. The effect is very light, but maybe with several layers the highlight would show better. The highlighters have the same sponge-y texture so I have applied them with my fingers.

Lunch Money

Monster. The camera doesn't pick up the interesting red sheen this one has.
The lippies vary a lot. Of the Ultra Mattes, while Zipper stays very nicely on my lips and Trap performs well, Lax tends to bleed after a few hours. All of the shades have a good texture, not the thinnest matte lipsticks I've worn, but no the thickest either.

The lippie stixs (is that the right plural? ;D) also seem to be a little hit and miss. Leather is a gorgeous purple and stays on well. Feminist was the shade I really was excited to try, but it goes on blotchy and bleeds even with the matching pencil and a primer (I use Mac's lipstick primer). Luckily Feminist is basically a dupe for Mac Cyber, which I own and love. Cyber and Feminist are both mattes but like night and day. Then again Feminist costs 5 dollars and Cyber more along the lines of 20 dollars, so I can accept this.

The lip pencil is something I cannot recommend. For my skin at least the pencil is just too soft, it melts away fast. I tried it with Feminist lippie stix, with Mac Cyber, with Mac's primer and without and still with the same results. Other shades may perform better but Feminist is a lost cause for me. On the bright side the colour match is nearly perfect with the lippie stix, which is great! Whenever possible I try to use a matching pencil, on my small lips there's no room for different shades.

I love the packaging of the lippie stix, they are simple to use, the lid stays shut tightly and the product is easy to get out. Ultra mattes have a nice applicator and the lids on the pressed products seem secure and sturdy. I love how all of the packaging matches and the foil lettering gives it a nice touch. For the price the quality is very nice, if you can allow for the occasional product that doesn't behave well.

From left to right: Feminist pencil, Feminist lippie stix, Leather lippie stix, Zipper ultra matte, Trap ultra matte, Lax ultra matte, Monster highlighter, Lunch Money highlighter, Girl Crush eyeshadow and Fairfax eyeshadow. 

Feminist pencil, Feminist, Leather, Zipper, Trap and Lax

Monster, Lunch Money, Girl Crush and Fairfax


  1. Oh my! Love that lip colors! Thanks for this review! Is good to know this details aabout this poducts!


  2. I have both the feminist lippie stix and pencil and your review is spot on. They are the only two lip products I own from colourpop and I was so excited about them but they just don't perform well. I'll probably order leather soon though, I love the color.

  3. I have both the feminist lippie stix and pencil and your review is spot on. They are the only two lip products I own from colourpop and I was so excited about them but they just don't perform well. I'll probably order leather soon though, I love the color.

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