Thursday, 8 October 2015

Beijing Shopping

In Beijing I learned that two things were essential regarding beauty for the locals: collagen and masks. The air in Beijing can be very polluted and people love using masks to clean their skin after a long day of being exposed to the smog. Collagen seemed to be very popular just now, almost every brand had their own collagen products. And naturally collagen masks for the ultimate products!

I was staying with the lovely Salla who is not new to China. She writes a blog about her time there. It's in Finnish only, but with lots of lovely pictures. Take look at the blog here!

Here's pictures of the cosmetics I brought back from Beijing.

Pack of sheet masks. This one had a few pieces of each type of mask available at the shop.

Under eye masks. Water cycling sounds like fun ;D

Tony Moly is a Korean brand. I just had to have this lip balm because it's made of awesome. What could be cuter than a tiny banana? ;D

I just had enough time to visit Etude House shop. Salla had told me stories of how cute the products were and she was absolutely right, they were super cute and very interesting! This was the gift I got for making a purchase, a collagen skin care kit.

A toner, emulsion, I take essence to be a serum and the tiny jar is cream.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream. I've been using this one for a few years and it's the. best. thing. ever. Trust me! Light enough for my pale skin but with a high SPF and very moisturizing consistency.

Missha is a Korean brand, but since I came across the cream in the shade I use, I decided to get a back-up for the bottle I'm currently going through.

The Missha counter also gave out gifts with purchase. I have no idea what the first product is, but the second one is a BB cream and the tiny bottles could be toner.

Skin Food had lots of interesting things, but I was pretty exhausted after the shopping spree that I couldn't decide and eventually just got this eye sheet mask. I think I have enough masks to at least get me through the winter!

Last but not the least, my Etude House haul! We visited the shop briefly on my last day at Beijing, but it was worth it. The packaging is very cute and pastel, and they had interesting products.

False lashes and an eye dust. The lashes were quite small, so they might work really well with my small-ish eyes. The eye dust jar was just too cute to be left behind ;D

They had lots of nail polishes, but this one caught my eye! It's a dark purple with shimmer in it.

This Hand Bouquet is clearly meant for feet ;P I like foot masks in general, as they help me stay put for a while and not dart around the apartment like crazy. And I have spent a lot of time on my feet lately so a little pampering is in order.

These brushes looked just like my favourite ones by Mariela Sarkima. I'm always on the lookout for new, fluffy, soft eyeshadow brushes, because they work great for light smoky looks which I wear a lot. I haven't tried these yet but I just want to point out how ridiculously cute the packaging and brushes are <3<3<3

Eye dust jar. I tried to show how cute the jar is but I don't think the picture does it justice. You just have to believe me! I have a soft spot for cute pastel stuff and these are right up my alley!

That's a lot of cosmetics! I'll write reviews of my favourites once I get to try these out, right now I've been so busy that they have just sat in their cute Etude House bag in the bedroom. We just took in a new cat today, from a friend who could not keep it anymore, so my whole days has been spent herding cats ;D I have a cold and am staying at home, but the cats need some supervising to get used to the new kitty. They have been getting along nicely and I hope it continues! Once the new kitty settles in, I promise you lots of pictures!

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