Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Black Moon Cosmetics Libra Lipstick

I fell in love with Black Moon Cosmetics' packaging when I saw a picture of their liquid lipsticks on Instagram and just had to get a few right when they were released. The lipsticks arrived yesterday and I tried Libra today for the first time.

The consistency is really interesting. Technically the lipsticks are liquid to matte type, but instead of drying fully, they go velvety on the lips with the tiniest hint of stickiness. This makes them very moisturizing and comfortable to wear, as regular liquid to mattes are often very drying and can crumble on lips. The closest product to the Black Moon Cosmetics' lipsticks I own are Nyx Matte Lip Creams that have a very similar feel on the lips.

Libra does not bleed and has great staying power. You don't need a liner and while the product is not smudge proof, it's not easy to get it to smudge. The website says the lipsticks are kiss proof and I think that's a greta way to describe the consistency! Moisturizing, not like regular liquid to mattes, but can take a lot of kissing without any smudges.

My only negative notion is that Libra is a lot darker on me than on the website pictures and a bit warmer. I was expecting a matte lipstick that would be very light, cool shade close to La Splash Ghoulish, but these things happen when you shop for very new products that don't have many user pictures on the net. The shade is still nice, but not as "me" shade as a paler, cooler one would have been. The models in their pictures just happen to have a bit different skin tone than me, I'm almost jealous as Libra looks so good on them!

I splurged on the whole set of four lipsticks, so I'm excited to try the other shades! The consistency is so nice that I expect the other shades to please me even more than Libra :)

Black Moon Cosmetics matte lipstick in Libra


  1. I checked the packaging and it is really beautiful! I also love the colour on you, although I think it wouldn't suit me! Whenever I read your posts, I fall in love with the products and want to buy heeps of make up! YOu should try to make some money out of that talent... ;)

    1. Haha, thanks! A lady has to have hobbies, mine just happens to be make-up ;D


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