Thursday, 15 October 2015

Outfit of the Day

Today's outfit was put together for a museum opening gala at Vapriikki museum center. They were opening a new media museum inside the center, that tells about technology in general and especially about technology and tech companies in the Tampere area. It may sound boring, but it really isn't! There has been movie productions, different radio stations, game companies and all kinds of interesting things happening! And I just love museums :)

I also enjoy dressing to the nines, so I took this opportunity to take my new Black Milk pants for a spin. They are Sheer Retro Pants, and I thought they were part of the regular selection, but they now seem to be sold out with no mention of restocking time, so maybe they were limited edition. I saw these on a friend early this summer and thought they looked very nice. I like to wait a while before buying new clothing if I'm not sure what to wear it with or where I would wear it. Because I still remembered the pants after the summer, and came up with a plan to wear them for formal events, I finally ordered them.

Earrings - Rogue x Bones & Lilies
Top - Bik Bok
Pants - Black Milk Sheer Retro Pants
Boots - eBay
Purse - Rogue

I wasn't sure what kind of tops would go best with the pants, so I checked Black Milks site. They have their own Instagram hashtags for all the pieces and generate galleries of the pieces worn (you can see the gallery for the pants on this page in the bottom) which is really helpful when you want to see what others have done with them! Almost everyone seemed to be wearing crop tops, so I got one to go with the pants. It's not very short, so I feel comfortable in it in fairly formal occasions, but still exposes a little slice of my mid-section every now and then. I think the cropped look goes very well with a turtle neck, I might need a few more of this type of tops for my wardrobe.

Do you have any ideas what other tops would look nice with the pants?

The handbag is my go-to one, a hand-printed piece by Rogue I got for the Finnish Game Awards gala but have been using for every occasion that is not good for a overly gothic purse ;D It's good to have something quirky but not very over the top. I have plenty of the over the top ones for goth clubs!


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