Sunday, 4 October 2015

Preparing with Dolls

I'm back! I returned from Beijing on Monday, then did one super busy day at work, and headed out to Kajaani for a seminar. If all had gone well, I would have been back home and writing a blog post on Friday, but there was a storm that disrupted trains. This meant I spent an extra four hours traveling from Kajaani back to home. Also crossing a ditch in the darkness in 10 cm heels was interesting, as the train broke down in the middle of a forest ;D

But enough on that! Normal, sensible people prepare for a trip abroad by reading travel guides and packing bags. I re-painted Monster High dolls. Because I can.

I have a pile of pictures from China, and lots from yesterday's bloggers' meet, but I'll start with the doll pictures :)

Skelita and Cleo with the original face ups. I've rooted some pastel hair on Skelita.

After my treatment. Cleo's hair needs some TLC and I might curl Skelita's fringe, but I'm quite happy with the faces.
I did the face ups with water colour pencils and acrylic paints. I had never tried water colour pencils for this before, but turns out I really like them! I have an old set that has been laying in the closet for years, but they are as good as new. It did take some effort to get the colours to show nice and bright, but for a first try with this medium I'm very happy. The basic technique is to remove old face up with acetone, then spray coats of varnish and draw the face between the coats. I invested in better quality matte varnish so I can perfect my technique.

I love doing crafts as a way to relax! Working on the tiny doll faces is rewarding and fast, perfect for me. I'm a bit too lazy for sewing clothes for dolls, so I ordered a bundle of different shoes and clothes for the dolls on eBay. Skelita would absolutely need a hi-low dress to show off those bony legs, so maybe one day I'll make her one!

Custom Cleo de Nile

Custom Skelita Calaveras

Both of the dolls together
I have a Draculaura I repainted a long time ago, I think she will be my next victim ;P Do you do crafts to wind down?


  1. That's so great, I didn't know you liked dolls too! I have about 30 MH dolls and several others, they are on my blog and Facebook page. I recently won a sewing pattern in a doll makeover contest with a Venus doll whose hair reminded me of you :)
    Be careful with that spray varnish though. Aerosol varnishes are very toxic and you must wear a respirator every time you use it. Anyway, great concepts and I'd love to see Draculaura's makeover next. I have a bald one to whom I want to give dreadlocks. I also wanted to hook you with an Etsy store that had fabulous gothic clothing (for dolls) but it seems the owner closed all social media accounts and probably doesn't make them any more :( But you could easily make a hi-lo skirt if you cut an oval out of non-fraying fabric and put a hole in the center of one of the ends (if that makes sense) and then sew stretched elastic trim to the perimeter of the hole.
    In any case, if you have doll-related questions, ask me and I'll find you someone who can answer them best :)

    1. Oh, I'm so glad to know I have readers who too enjoy dolls! The Venus looks simply awesome! I think I have to try making a high-low dress like you described, it seems so simple :) Thank you!

  2. Looks great!
    Mitä lakkaa muuten käytit?

    1. Kiitos! Mulla oli kaapissa Citadelin satiinispraylakka, mutta se tuntuu jäävän aavistuksen tahmeaksi. Nyt tilasin kokeiluun Testorsia, jota moni harrastaja tuntui suosittelevan vinyylille.

  3. Oooh, wow they look so cool! I'd love to give that a try one day!

    1. Thank you! Painting dolls is so relaxing, as the area to work on is so small that you see results fast :)


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