Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Colourful Cthulhu

This is what I wore last Saturday to go out and listen to the Coffinshakers! My other half was so nice, he drove all the way to Helsinki and back, as I'm still taking lessons to get my license. Things seem so much easier with a car, can't wait to be able to drive it myself ;D

Dress - Black Milk Cthulhu vs Haunted House Inside Out Dress
Necklace - Rogue and the Wolf
Ring - Bloodmilk Jewellery

Nothing too fancy, just straightened hair and a super comfy dress to get through the two hours drive each way. I hunted high and low for this dress, but finally found one on eBay. It's basically to dresses in one, as you can turn it inside out for a different print. The perfect item to pack when traveling light!

The gig was great! I listened to Coffinshakers alot when I was younger and didn't even know they were still together, but luckily spotted the concert and got us tickets early. The place was sold out and a bit crowded, but since we were there only to listen to the gig and then head back home, it wasn't a problem. Horro country music makes everything good!


  1. Awesome! <3


  2. Upea asu taas! Ja mekon vihreä ja hiusten pinkki yhdessä tosi pirteän keväinen kombo ^^

    1. Kiitos! Mun makuun värikkyys toimi myös just kivasti, vihreä on tarpeeksi tumma ja pinkki tarpeeksi vaalea!

  3. Ohhh, I love the Coffinshakers! :) Glad you got to see them!


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