Monday, 25 April 2016

Outfit of the Day

My outfit from last Saturday! My other half and I went to see a tournament at the Häme castle and check out the armour exhibition that opened the day before. I enjoyed everything, but should have worn way more clothing, as the weather was colder than a witch's tit (a saying I learned from the Outlander and loved). It even snowed and it's supposed to be spring!

Jacket - Juunappa
Cardigan - GinaTricot
Dress - Black Milk Dark Moth vs Play With Me Inside Out Dress
Shoes - H&M

These are only pictures I got of the outfit before the camera battery died. To be efficient, we not only went to the castle, but also to get my measures taken for a corset project (exciting!) and visited some relatives. It's once again been a bit busy, as I spent three days in Berlin on a business trip, then one day at a gala and one working and recovering, but just wait until I get pictures of my gala outfit! I bought a made-to-measure latex dress that turned out absolutely awesome.

The tournament. It was cold but worth it!
Soon I will also show you my new favourite lipstick that I managed to find despite it being almost sold out!


  1. Omg! I'd love to witness such an event! ♥❤♥ You look amazing, as always!

  2. Sounds fun! Your hair and outfit are brilliant!


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