Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Finnish Game Awards 2016 Look

My gala look! I quite like latex, so I had a dress made by Tiina Rikala who has years and years of experience with the material. Tiina usually makes fetish clothing, but wasn't scared of gala dresses, so this chocolate brown baby was born! I wanted something not black, but don't feel comfy in bright colours. The brown goes well with my hair, and was more appropriate than my second favourite shade of latex, metallic purple. I asked Tiina to emphasize my waist, so she built an awesome system of thicker latex around the waist area to cinch me in a tiny bit. Comfy and good looking!

Sorry about the ugly socks ;D I originally wore a panty hose, but it didn't work well with the dress, as latex is meant to be worn right next to skin. So I bought socks while on the way to the gala and the only skin tone ones I found were a tiny bit too short.

Finnish Game Awards arrivals 84

If you want to take a look at more of Tiina's latex works, here's her website! Latex may sound like a weird choice for a gala, but it's actually quite nice to wear and you don't need to have it done in fetish style, it also works for normal dresses just fine. My dress cost a little under 200 euros, so compared to fancier off the rack dresses, latex is not even exceptionally expensive. I have to say I fell a little more in love with the material, and already planned another dress with Tiina. I also learned that glitter latex actually exists. I have to have it!

Oh, and our game did awesomely! Cities: Skylines is the Big Screen Finnish Game of the Year, the Finnish Game of the Year and also got the Kyöpeli award from Pelit magazine. Yay!


  1. Congratulations on the award! So your husband is doing well, how's the foot?

    1. Thank you! The foot is still not okay, but we don't know yet if it will be operated on again. It's a slow process, but hopefully the results will be good :)

  2. Hah, awesome, I've been following you for makeup for ages and never knew you worked in games!

    I work in games too as an environment artist (previously at Lionhead before it closed down), I love Cities Skylines so much and we play and talk about it all the time at work.

    Congratulations, well deserved!!

    1. Thanks, so nice to meet a fellow game developer!


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