Monday, 22 May 2017

Sugarpill Dark Lipsticks

I tried to resist these babies for a long time, saying to myself that I have many dark purple lipsticks and that I barely use wax-based lipsticks anyway. Well, then Sugarpill had a sale, and the glittery packaging just overwhelmed me and I ended up ordeting two lipsticks anyway ;D But just look at that glittery goodness!

I was already swooning for the pink and white packaging, bit when white switched to black for the Darkside collection, I almost knew I couldn't resist. I'm a highly visual person, I want my surroundings and belongings to please my eye. I would probably choose something visually pleasing with a slightly worse performance over something that looked ugly to me but was more efficient. I'm willing to pay extra for beautiful packaging and special colours. Especially if there's glitter involved!

So that's why I ended up owning Sugarpill's Anti-Socialite and Darksided lipsticks. I do love dark lipsticks (just see this post and you will understand how far my obsession goes) and Cyber is my favourite Mac lipstick, so these two were easy choices. The line also has a plain black and a dark blue, but I have found my perfect black lippie and blue I simply do not wear.

Sugarpill Anti-Socialite
Anti-Socialite is a dark rusty red. You can layer it a bit, to get a lighter or darker shade. In my picture it looks too light. The tone is fairly neutral, I can't say if it's cool or warm. A very nice and easy colour to wear for many skintones.

Sugarpill Darksided

Darksided is a dark purple. Despite my worries that it would be a match for Mac Cyber, it's not even close. Darksided is way brighter and more blue. A true purple, I would say. It's not plum but a plain, nice purple, just the way I like it!

From left to right: Sugarpill Anti-Socialite, Sugarpill Darksided, Mac Cyber and Urban Decay Pandemonium.
Here's a side by side comparison with some lipsticks I though might be close to Darksided. Mac Cyber looks like a blend between Anti-Socialite and Darksided, it's a lot more plum toned than Darksided. Urban Decay has lots of great purples in their new lipstick line, but Pandemonium looked like the closest match, but it's not at all close. So yay, I managed to buy a purple lipstick that does not look like my other purple lipsticks, go me!

I have to say I am happy I got these lipsticks. I've been using wax-based lippies to touch up liquid-to-mattes during the day, as they moisturize better and don't create the crumbling effect that sometimes happens when you try to add some more liquid-to-matte to the center of the lips and end up with a too thick layer. And just looking at the glittery packaging makes me happy!


  1. Ihan mahtavan näköinen tuo pakkaus! :D

    1. Kiitos! Se sai mut lopulta ostamaan, tuun vaan niin iloiseksi siitä että voin hiplata näin nättiä hylsyä ;D

  2. Replies
    1. I can recommend them! They perform just as good as other wax-based lippies, the shades are great and the packaging is to die for.

  3. I would really like to know wich your perfect black lippie is?

    1. Sorry, I should have mentioned it! I've been using Top Shop's liquid-to-matte lipstick in Raven, but it's not available anymore. No wax-based black lipstick has performed well enough for my liking, I'd rather use the liquid to mattes or even black gel liner.

    2. Thanks! Well I just have to keep searching for the perfect one then :) I totally agree with you that wax-based black lipsticks isn´t good enough, and it is hard to find a liquid-to-matte that isn´t drying out my lips :(


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