Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Current Obsessions (May 2017)

I get easily excited, and I think that's a very good trait. I love technology and new gadgets, and I always need to have a project or two going on to not feel bored. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy lounging on the couch and taking walks, but I'm happiest when at the same time I can ponder on something. So here's a list of my latest crazes, tell me yours!

1. Apple Watch & Pokemon Go

I love new toys, and the Watch is one of them. I had been looking into smart watches for a while, and just when I was decided on getting a Pebble, the company was sold with no clear information on if support for the watches will continue. Luckily a few weeks later Pokemon Go announced the game will also work on the Apple Watch so I immediately went and ordered one ;D I love Pokemon Go, it's the perfect excuse for me to get some exercise while not feeling like exercising. I just plain hate exercising, but achievements, gaming and exploration work well for me, so I know I can trick myself into moving more by using games.

If you are not familiar with Pokemon Go, it's a location based game of collecting pokemon. It uses real world maps and requires you to actually travel to locations to be able to catch the pokemon there. You can also hatch pokemon eggs by walking. A big part is asking around for where certain pokemon appear so you know where to go to catch the ones you want or need. It was a huge hit when it came out last summer and I've been playing it ever since. I even bought a new phone cover to keep my iPhone from freezing during the winter ;D

2. Airplants

A plant without the hassle of soil that cats can then big up and spread around the apartment? YES PLEASE. I'm bad with plants, but airplants are not watered traditionally, but can be sprayed or let soak in a bowl for moisture. They look super cool and you can basically put them anywhere. I've got two glass globes to hang, because that way the kitties can't steal the plants. I'm totally sure one of the silly animals would just grab a plant and run if they had the chance.

I ordered a selection of plants from Spain and can't wait for the package to arrive! If it takes long, I think I have to go and buy one airplant locally just to get past this excitement.

Image from plantagen.fi

3. Photoshoots

Last year I didn't have much time for photoshoots and the beginning of this year has mainly consisted of running around the world, but now I finally have time! My closet is bursting with cool outfits and I have many ideas for locations!

This one is only couple of days old, me posing at an abandoned match factory. Photo by Arttu K.
Editing by me.

4. Videogames

Well, it might be a bit obvious that I like games, but now that I got a new computer finally and some time, I can play all the games I've been saving for the indefinite "later". Later is now! My favourites are tycoon games, god games and then on the other end of the spectrum story-driven games, adventure games and RPGs. Open world, platformers and shooters rarely catch my attention, but I'm willing to try anything. Date games seem especially interesting! Any recommendations?


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much! I'm so happy it turned out so nice, it was among the last taken during the shoot :)

  2. I am obsessed with videogames also, sadly I don't have a gaming computer :(
    But when I get one I would like to play Witcher: Wild Hunt and Planet Coaster!

    1. Planet Coaster is awesome! I hope you get a comp soon!

  3. Oh oh! If you like 2D adventure games, I would love to recommend my personal favourite, The Cat Lady! It has a great, dark story and different endings based on your decisions. I really love that game.

    1. Thank you, that's sounds like something I would enjoy!

  4. Oi ihanaa, joku muukin pelaa vielä Pokemon Go:ta! Tunnen itseni niin orvoksi täällä Helsingin sykkeessä metsästellessäni, kun stopit ammottavayät tyhjyyttään (en ole nähnyt yhtäkään lurea puoleen vuoteen) ja ihmiset vain keskustelevat keskenään ja hengailevat jopa ilman puhelinta, ahdistavaa ;DD

  5. Great damn photo, maybe we'll get to see more?

    As for games, egads. There's a few to recommend! Right off the bat, I say give Divinity: Original Sin a go, because two has just received a release date and I'm just freaking excited! I went to PAX for their booth alone even though I already had early access lol. It was/is amazingly fun; even better if you can get someone involved!

    I know you're not that interested in platformers, but I enjoyed Trine 2... though the fun is purely had by having other players too, as it is friendly fire enabled lol.
    I think the same makers did Helldiver? May be wrong on that, but it's also equally fun and infuriating.

    Hammerwatch totally reminds me of old nes games, and in that I find it utterly charming... but it is heaps more challenging than those old games.

    Orcs Must Die 2 is hella fun to kick around on in general.

    A great RPG that reminds me a bit of diablo is Grim Dawn, though the story takes a little while to come through-- I find the intro really slow. I haven't played it a ton, but I love the really dark overtones to it so far. Plus I am smitten over the class choices-- I play the occultist.

    The most confusingly addicting game I've played is Viscera Cleanup Detail lol... all you do is cleanup after video game gore... such an odd (heck it even sounds boring) concept.

    And I can't leave without recommending Stardew Valley and Starbound. May not be your thing, but damn. I think these are fun little games lol.

  6. Wanna try an African delicacy?
    Giant, beetle larvae
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    Yummmy. Fried in oil or live raw.
    Oh? Does that disgust you?
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    God bless your indelible soul.


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