Monday, 21 May 2012

Black Smoky Eye

This is a look from last week, I wanted to try a really dark look and I think it worked nicely. I was first thinking that I'd put black all around the eye, but thought it made my eyes look too close to each other, so I added some white in the inner corners. It turned out a bit blue-grey because it's on top of the black.

I used:
Sugarpill Tako
Sugarpill Bulletproof

Full face, can't remember what's the lipstain I'm wearing.

And here's a few bonus pics! Möttönen didn't listen to me when I explained to her that it's a mouse pad, not a cat pad ;)

And here's a peek at my new tattoo! It's still healing since it's only four days old, and it's missing some colour and the background. I'm very happy with it and will post pictures when it's fully healed :) It will be finished next week.


  1. Beautiful! I like that smokey dark eyes!

  2. Beautiful look and I also love how Taco turns Bulletproof into that bluey shade! I seem to be reaching for Sugarpill Taco a lot recently and now I really need to get myself bullet proof as it seems to be such a deep perfect black shadow! Awesome cat skull tattoo!! xxx

  3. Sometimes nothing beats a good black smokey eye! You definitely suit darker colours on your eyelids, it makes your beautiful eye colour stand out! Your new tattoo looks so pretty, I love the little dots of colour on the flowers! ♥

  4. wow... very good... i love black


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